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LightWork Time and Attendance

Managing employee time and productivity can be a tricky task in your organization. It can be even more difficult to try and increase productivity without hurting company morale or draining your employee’s motivation. Whether you’re dealing with time being wasted on unrelated activities, or resources being spent inefficiently, LightWork Time and Attendance can help your organization stay on track with your goals. 

Where is Employee Time Wasted?

It’s hard to track exactly what your employees are up to all the time. Although work-life balance is important, there still might be employees wasting time on unnecessary and unrelated tasks which can cause numerous issues in your organization. A study done by revealed that employees spend some of their time at work doing things like checking Facebook, socializing with coworkers, and more. 


Thirty-nine percent of those polled claimed they spend at least one hour each week on non-work-related activities.


Twenty-nine percent of workers polled claimed they spend around two hours each week on non-work-related activities.


Twenty-one percent of workers polled claimed they waste up to five hours each week on non-work-related activities.

The best way to combat the amount of time employees waste starts with getting the right human resource management software. This is where LightWork’s Time and Attendance comes in to save the day.

LightWork Time and Attendance

LightWork’s Time and Attendance makes human resources management simple and effective for your company. The platform enables you to track employee time accurately and efficiently even if you have multiple locations. LightWork provides various ways to enter time whether you use a desktop punch, a swipe time clock, or a kiosk punch. The platform even gives you the ability to allow employees to record time on their mobile devices. Some more benefits of LightWork Time and Attendance include: 

PTO Requests


Attendance Tracking

Employee Self Service

LightWork helps reduce the amount of time employees spend on unrelated activities marking your organization more effective. Having the right human resource management software can make all the difference in your organization and the way it operates.

LightWork Integrations with Payroll

It may be impossible to keep information up to date and correct if there are numerous software platforms that operate independently of one another. That difficulty disappears with LightWork! One of the best benefits of LightWork is that it can be integrated with Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage HRMS, and Acumatica. These integrations provide a dynamic solution to improve your organization’s payroll module functionality saving you time and increasing efficiency. No matter your situation, LightWork is here to help.

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