Ashley Unger’s Top 5 Favorite InstaDocs Features

DSD InstaDocs

InstaDocs is a document management solution developed by DSD, and is the only solution to have the document management capabilities embedded into the Sage 100 panels. This DSD solution provides easy of access to documents related to Sage 100 records such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Employees, Jobs, Invoices, Sales Orders and Checks. InstaDocs is a very affordable document management solution that is user-friendly.

Here are my Top 5 favorite InstaDocs features, in no particular order:

1. Drag and Drop

This feature allows the ability to drag and drop documents from Microsoft File Explorer directly into the InstaDocs tab within Sage 100. All file types are accepted. This feature is THE BEST. It is the easiest way to add documents to your Sage 100 screens. Yes, that’s right, you can even drag and drop multiple documents at a time!

2. Auto Tagging

This feature occurs when documents are added to data entry InstaDocs Tabs. The document will be auto tagged with the associated data entry number.

Auto Tagging

For example, if you are in Sales Order Invoice Data Entry working on Invoice Number 1234567, and you add a document to the InstaDocs tab, the document with be automatically tagged with the invoice number of 1234567. Auto-tagging of documents is a great feature when you want to search on documents or even create custom reports!

3. Attach Tagged Documents to Email Deliveries

This feature allows you the option to send tagged documents (on the InstaDocs tab in data entry) to be attached to email deliveries when electronically sending orders or invoices through standard Sage 100 paperless office. This feature has grown to be one of my favorites, and for many of our end-users as well. 


For example, if a customer orders a kit and you have documentation that needs to be sent along with this order it is now as easy as adding that document to the order. There is no need to create separate emails outside of Sage 100!

4. Generate One Email per Customer Invoice Batch

When using the standard Sage 100 paperless office, this feature allows each batch to combine all invoices by customer, and it will generate one email with all invoices attached individually. Our end-users LOVE this feature, along with their customers that are receiving the email. Customers no longer receive multiple individual emails when placing multiple orders, and instead can receive one email with all invoices attached.

5. Use Reserved Word Tag

This feature adds the ability to distinguish which InstaDocs documents you would like to attach to the email when electronically delivered. This feature is used in conjunction with the “Attach Tagged Documents to Email Deliveries” and will only send documents with the reserved word tag. This feature gives you control of what additional documents you choose to be emailed out to your customer. 


For example, if you have email communications from a sales rep that you would like to save to the order but do not want this sent via paperless office this feature is right for you!

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