What Does the Future Hold for Sage HRMS?


Some great information about the future of Sage HRMS has been released and we thought we should share it with you! Read on to learn about the priorities for the future of sage HRMS, the shift to a subscription based pricing model, as well as the latest updates for October

Priorities For the Future

There are five core principles used for the product innovation of Sage HRMS that help guide the development of the solution moving forward. These are priorities for the future to help make Sage HRMS the best possible solution to all of it’s users. 

Modernization & Simplification

Increasing the solution's modernization and simplification will include offering more data and functionality to all users. Making the platform better for everyone.

Product Capabilties

A number of enhancement suggestions that bring value and improve usability are prioritized in each version. Identifying and implementing strategic product upgrades is also part of the process.

Enhance payroll & ISV Integrations

The payroll and ISV integrations will be updated for integration with the web application to offer a complete solution.

mobile app

Creating a mobile app for the HRMS ESS web product is a major priority for the future. This will allow users to work from anywhere and increase productivity.

Web Application Accessibility

The plan for 2022 is to begin migrating existing core HRMS screens to the web platform. This will upgrade the technology, provide improved performance, and increase the longevity and scalability of Sage HRMS.

Moving to Subscriptions

Sage HRMS is transitioning to a subscription-based pricing model. The truth is that this type of move is required for publishers to prosper in the long run, and it benefits you. This business model is quickly becoming the most popular, and Sage is adapting to stay competitive. It’s simple to switch to a subscription-based model because no installations are necessary. Users simply enter their customer number, and the system will immediately check for and update their membership.

Perpetual Version Updates will be Limited

Moving forward, perpetual version updates are going to be limited to technical, brand, and legislative compliance updates along with critical bug fixes. New features of Sage HRMS from here on out will be exclusive to the subscription version. Now is the time to make the move to subscription! 

Subscription vs Perpetual

Moving to a subscription-based version has a number of advantages. There is no Business Care line item because the subscription includes both access to the application and Sage HRMS support. In addition, Aatrix Tax Service packages are discounted by 40%, while Sage University’s HRMS Training is discounted by 50%.

If you make the move before year end, you will receive a 45% discount on the first year’s cost. Years 2022 – 2026 will also be discounted! 

October 2021 Release Highlights

The redesigned user interface and better customer experience are two of the most significant upgrades in the most recent edition. Responsive UIs now allow you to adapt the program to fit the size of your browser. The screen resolution has been increased to 1920 x 1080. Improvements have also been made to error validation and confirmations. The request procedure has also been simplified, which has improved the employee and manager Time Off experience.


A new Wizard page navigation has been implemented for Life Events and Open Enrollment. You can now see at a glance how many pages you’ve completed, where you are, and how much  you have left. This allows users to see if they have enough time to finish the enrollment right immediately, or save a draft and finish later.

Addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and emergency contacts are now stored in Personal Profile. Previously, each of these pages were seperate. Now that everything is in one place, consumers can access data more easily and quickly. There have also been new pages added, as well as over 100 new fields that employees can access, saving time for everyone in your organization.

A wellness page has been added as well as a previous employer page. On top of this, if an employee has a secondary job, it will now show on the job page. 


All of these fresh updates make up the latest version of Sage HRMS and serve as a reminder that it is important to move over to the subscription based version. Making the move gives you access to all of the latest updates and brings you along the innovation journey with Sage HRMS.

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