AcuConnect 2021 Conference: What it is and Why Acumatica Users Attend


AcuCONNECT 2021 Conference:
What is it?

It is an exciting time to be a member of the Acumatica community! With huge amounts of new technology being added with each release, both by Acumatica and their development partners (including DSD Business Systems), there’s no shortage of learning to be done.

Acu-CONNECT provides the framework for developing relationships between partners, customers, and third-party developers. The acu-CONNECT website provides a central repository created by and contributed to by subject matter experts to help keep you up to date and informed on the latest developments in the Acumatica eco-system

Acu-CONNECT was founded by a group of subject matter experts, DSD included; each with deep expertise in their respective facets of Acumatica. The goal is to provide Acumatica partners with a centralized community that they can go to when they need answers or want to share their best practicesAcu-CONNECT partners and ISV members are vested in Acumatica practices and are fully committed to seeing all Acumatica customers get great value out of ecosystem technologies and the Acumatica solution.

acuCONNECT Features


Find unique, Acumatica-specific content from a variety of sources and authors all in one centralized collaborative blog.

Exclusive Webinar Invitations

Our members are invited to monthly webinars featuring topics that matter to Acumatica users.

Resource Library

Access our extensive collection of Acumatica-specific whitepapers, videos, data sheets, and case studies.


Our virtual happy hours, event meetups, and online events let you stay connected to members of the community throughout the year

Events Calendar

Our events calendar is the only place to find all the webinars, user conferences, meet-ups and more for the Acumatica community, all in one centralized location.


We received tremendous feedback from our first ever virtual conference in 2020, which had over 500 registered Acumatica community members. Plans are underway for our next big event!

Why Acumatica Users Attend
AcuCONNECT Conferences

First up, AcuCONNECT conferences host numerous informative sessions throughout the time of the event. These sessions have always been very popularly attended by Acumatica users as they learn a great deal from them. Example sessions from acuCONECCT from 2020:

AcuCONNECT 2021 is THE virtual conference for Acumatica Cloud ERP customers and partners! Attendees have a chance to:

This conference is choke-full of insightful sessions with valuable content presented by Acumatica subject matter experts. What’s more, the virtual Expo Hall will be staffed by expert solution providers from whom you can learn more about expanding the capabilities of Acumatica Cloud ERP.

acuCONNECT 2021

acuCONNECT 2021
November 3rd-4th | Virtual

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your
 Acumatica experience! Not to mention, the chance to win prizes, have fun, 
and thanks to the generous support of sponsors, it’s FREE!
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