Sage Cloud Services: Cost Saving Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Sage Cloud Services

Sage ERP is now compatible with the cloud!

Great news! Sage 100 is now available with the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This new offering allows flexibility, reliability, and scalability for Sage 100  clients around the world.  Many customers want to move to the cloud, however, they also do not want to lose the capabilities that Sage 100 provides to run their company. This new program not only delivers the same value that Sage users already have, but it also provides business use of cloud services. 

Sage has created tools, forged specifically for strategic partnerships, and developed a program that is solely created to assist you in transferring your Sage 100 software to the cloud. This new Sage Partner Cloud program includes two options for moving information to the cloud, one of which uses the power of Microsoft Azure; a well-respected cloud platform.

Sage Cloud Hosting Services enables each user to finally have the opportunity to look to Sage for complete reliability, security, speed, and ease of use. Read on to learn about the capabilities that Sage Cloud Services has to offer.

Top Benefits of Sage 100 in the Cloud

Top Security

Sage Cloud Hosting Services is equipped with heavy security to lock your information down and keep it safe.


As your business grows, your IT infrastructure will require more capabilities, and using Azure offers that adaptability for current and future needs.


Sage Cloud Hosting Services makes saving money for your business easy. Purchasing close hosting means paying one cost but gaining many benefits.


By having all of your information backed up, you and your company can now focus more on the most effective ways to plan ahead.

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Sage Cloud Services
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