Acumatica Summit 2021 Guide: 5 Things to Know Before You Go

Acumatica Summit 2021

We are very excited for the upcoming Acumatica Summit 2021 taking place next week in Las Vegas! From July 18th – 23rd partners, customers and Acumatica Elite will gather to hear the latest product developments, get inspired by the creative ways the channel is evolving and celebrate another great year in the cloud!  There has been more than a year anticipation pre-event so now that it’s hear we want to make sure to emphasize the top 5 things every summit attendee should know before you go. 

1. Acumatica Summit Safety

Acumatica has worked hard to ensure that this event is safe and healthy for all in attendance at Acumatica Summit.

Taking place at the Wynn Hotel, the provided space exceeds expectations and regulations for the size of the event. The hotel is also taking cautious measures and has a Health and Sanitization Plan so all attendees can enjoy the event knowing their in good hands.

With about 42,000 square feet, the hotel will be able to seat thousands of customers, partners, developers, and analysts while easily maintaining the proper social distancing.  All events and meetings will meet the required guidelines and the Acumatica Summit Marketplace will have color coded bracelets available to all attendees, which will designate comfort when networking with other attendees.

Green Bracelet

I’m comfortable with closer contact

YELLOW Bracelet

I would still like to be cautious but I’m comfortable with an elbow bump

RED Bracelet

Please respect my need for social distancing and no physical contact

2. Acumatica Summit Event App

Acumatica has created a mobile app for Acumatica Summit that will be used for easy & safe on-site expedited registration as well as access to things like the event schedule, venue map, your chosen session agenda and more! 

All of this important information will be available in your pocket to ensure you maximize your experience at the event and you don’t miss a thing! 

3. Agenda by Customer & Mixed Training

Acumatica Summit 2021 Training

There is a LOT available to attendees during Acumatica Summit so make sure you take the time before the event to fill out your own personal agenda. Check out the entire event agenda by customer type here and see what events are going to be the most relevant to your role and industry so you don’t miss a great session. 

After the summit ends on Tuesday, Acumatica has a great option for users wanting to receive hands on training performed by Acumatica experts on-site in Las Vegas. Taking feedback from Acumatica Summit 2020, Acumatica decided to go back to the mix-and-match format from Summit 2019 for training sessions. 

This gives attendees a choice of several training tracks along with longer sessions to help you get the absolute most out of your training. It should also be noted that there will be no changes to breakout sessions. Learn more about the available training options here

4. Acumatica Marketplace Floorplan

The Acumatica Marketplace is a place where you can find out about new products and technologies that can help your company with expanding on the native Acumatica product. In this dedicated space, Acumatica’s trusted ISV partners educate and inspire Acumatica users with integrated processes and seamless data flow. They also pack the exhibit hall with booths and making themselves available to demo, answer any questions users may have and give away some fun prizes. 

The 2021 Acumatica Summit will have a new layout that will help Summit attendees find the partners that most align with their business needs. For example, customers in the distribution industry will find Acumatica ISV partners that cater to that specific industry within the same block of booths. This is also true for those in the retail-commerce, manufacturing, construction, and general business industries.  

The entire floor of the Lafite Ballroom with its 50,000 square feet of space will be at max capacity while still accommodating safety protocols. This is the time when everyone can all get together in one location and collaborate to accelerate cloud success. Learn more about Acumatica Marketplace here.

5. After Hour Parties

Sunday 7/18 - After Par-Tee @ TopGolf

Improve Your Golf Swing at the After Par-TEE. After a year off the course, test your golf skills at Top Golf Las Vegas with REPAYLockstepPhocas and V-Technologies.  Not sure if you want to flaunt your rusty swing after a year of inactivity? You can also just r elax, unwind, and enjoy a Taco Bar and Premium Open Bar instead – plus, Acumatica will provide a Rideshare voucher so you can safely get to and from Top Golf. Spots are limited and you MUST REGISTER to attend, so RSVP now! 

Monday 7/19 - Summit Closing Party

The annual Summit’s Monday Night Attendee Celebration Party is the finale to  Acumatica Summit. There is something for everyone at the Attendee Party, whether you prefer to discuss business or simply relax with delicious food, refreshments, and dancing.  

Because of COVID-19, Acumatica decided to have the event in Wynn’s Encore Beach Club, which will enable us to be outside. Attendees can maintain a comfortable distance while still being able to socialize with one another.

Acumatica Summit Encore Beach Club

We are excited to see you at Acumatica Summit 2021 next week!

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