Criterion 21 R1: New Year, New Release

Criterion 21 R1 is now available!

Join us Friday, April 16th at 9AM PT/12PM ET to walk through all of the Criterion New Releases.
FRIDAY, April 16th
9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST

What's new in Criterion 21 R1?

Notification Center

We added a new Notification center for employees on the Employee Self Service Home Page. It allows an employee to view thier latest notifications (if subscribed to the notifications in:­ Settings > Notifications)

Document Delivery

Reports like 1095 forms, T4, W-2 and paychecks can be published to Self Service so employees can download and print their own copies!

Different reports/documents can be set up to be delivered in different ways in: Settings > System Configuration > Document Delivery

Administrators can select a posting type, (a choice to deliver to an ESS folder or the employees email), as well as set up a Task Scheduler to future date deliveries.

T4 Updates for 2020

The latest updates for the 2020 T-4 report have been implemented.

Boxes 57, 58, 59, 60 have been included to be filled by incomes for Canada FWT Subject Wages.

Logic has also been updated for the following boxes: 71, 28, 50, 20, 10


Knock-Out Question Sets

Knock-out questions can now be set up under  Settings > Recruiting Administration > Question Sets.
These questions allow automatic rejection of those candidates whose answers do not fit within the defined conditions.
Candidates rejected through knock out question will appear in the Candidates list with the status Knockout Rejected.


Bulk Employee Removing from Batch

Now you can select all employees in the batch list in one click and delete them all at once instead of removing them individually.

ESS Timesheets: Timesheet Entry Last Edits' Author Displayed

In ESS > My Timesheets, for each timesheet entry a user can see who edited the record last by clicking the icon  next to the timesheet entry.

When correcting a time entry, a warning message is displayed to a user where he/she can leave a note on changing the time entry. These notes are also displayed under the icon

Team Time Off Linked to Calendar

Within ESS, Managers can see time offs of the employees they have access to. Time off reasons are not displayed in the calendar, only in team time offs when viewing a specific employees time of plans.

You can easily be directed from the Team Time Off screen to Team Calendar by clicking the link in the upper-right corner.

In the Calendar, we have added the Copy to Clipboard button for additional functionality.

Security Profiles: Employees Actions with Tax via ESS

When adding a tax in ESS, if Employee has no historical records for the tax, they can enter the relevant date the tax should be effective. If the employee has prior tax records, the effective date with be prepopulated with the next eligible effective date.

Time Off Plan

Ability To Request Time Off On Holiday

Now employees can request time off on holidays.
New toggles are added to Time Off Plan:

·        Request on Holiday – If it is turned on, user can request time off on holiday;
·        Show Timesheet Fields – If it is turned on, the Work Location, Work Location Area, Task, Project and  Custom Fields (1-4) columns are displayed in ESS Time Off request form.

JobTarget Integration Updates

JobTarget integration is updated in the following way:

1.       Criterion sends tracking pixel to JobTarget once a candidate applies for a job.

2.     At the JobTarget details mobile window, the icon is added to directly reach JobTarget.

3.     At the Candidate profile, the information about where the candidate followed this job posting from is displayed.

4.     Every time the candidate’s status changes, Criterion sends the following events to JobTarget:

·        New Applicant
·        Contacted
·        Rejected
·        Offered
·        Hired
·        Interviewing
·        Knockout Rejection

JobTarget: Confirmation Message Added for Unpublishing Job

Criterion deletes all postings at JobTarget, once a user deletes the job posting by clicking the Delete icon at Jobs > Postings. The confirmation message is added at the deletion step.

Additional Updates

Country Specific Reports

We started distinguishing between country-specific repots. We display reports specific to a country based on the work location of a client. And now the Tax Filing report section is not displayed to clients who use Aatrix or Ceridian for filing.

US ACH Improved

Instead of implementing ACH as a custom transfer we now support core ACH as a back end engine for more reliability. Currently, in Bank Account settings, you can see two options for US ACH:

·        “US – NACHA (Legacy)” for the existing US ACH type,
·        and newly developed “US – NACHA” that uses the server-side code.

Going forward, “US – NACHA” will be the only available option.

Completed Forms Report Added

A new report is added, which allows administrators to review a given form’s status for completed versus not submitted and submission.

Performance Review Report Redesign

A remodeling has been conducted on the standard performance review report.

Candidate Question Set Report: Answers Displayed in Candidates Language

Candidates answers to question sets are displayed in the candidate’s native language when running the Candidate Question Set report.

Cost Center Filter in All Payroll Reports

Now you can use the Cost Center as a filter for all payroll reports.

Gross Wages by Employee

First Name, Last Name, and Employee Number have been added as advanced filters to the Gross Wages by Employee Payroll report.

Pay Check by Employee Report Improved

A range of improvements has been implemented to the Pay Check By Employee report. Among them:

·        Address fields are aligned to correspond to the #10 envelop;
·        Names and position of some field are improved;
·        Subtotals are added for both taxes and deductions.

App Store: Punching IN/OUT Beyond Geofencing Area

The issue when a users checks IN/OUT and geolocation point is outside the allowed area, but in fact, the user is within the allowed area is fixed. It happened due to incorrect positioning via user’s device. Now when a user checks IN/OUT outside the geofencing area, the confirmation message appears that the user should check the geolocation is within the geofencing area, check the GPS works accurate and connection is stable.

Join us Friday, April 16th at 9AM PT/12PM ET to walk through all of the new functionality.
FRIDAY, April 16th
9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST

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