Sage Intacct Construction: 5 Big Benefits to Consider

Sage Intacct Construction

Sage is in a unique position to build on this success with the Sage Intacct cloud platform. Collaboration between Sage Intacct and the team responsible for Timberline has delivered a standout, cloud financial management solution designed to address the unique needs of construction companies.

Read on to learn more about five big benefits of Sage Intacct Construction for construction financial managers and how it can improve efficiency, streamline month-end close time, and enable your finance team.

1. True Cloud Solution

A system with real-time access from anywhere, available at any time, and software that is always up to date.

Sage Intacct cloud accounting for construction is a “best in class” native cloud solution that enables proactive management of critical financial and operational metrics, increased efficiency, reduced time and cost of audits, and improved cash flow.

Designed specifically for construction

Get real time insights and visibility

True cloud technology with open API

2. Streamlined Multi-Entity Consolidation

The growth of business in construction drives the need for large numbers of legal entities. Sage Intacct Construction reduces the time for a typical financial consolidation from up to 100 hours down to just minutes.

Uninterrupted, real-time tracking and reporting of multiple locations and entities with multi-currency. 

Sage Intacct Construction

3. Robust, Dimensional Reporting

It is now possible to analyze actual and estimated project costs using live data, without the need to export to a spreadsheet.

Construction financial managers can now assess their financial data by project, task, or other configurable dimensions to analyze the data for improved decision making.

Save 40+ hours monthly on financial reporting and cut time spent checking data accuracy by 75%.

Achieve real-time visibility into business performance.

Check out this datasheet:

Sage Intacct Cloud Financial Management for Construction

4. Project Estimates

Construction financial managers can now easily track and manage costs and productivity throughout the full life cycle of a project, with several specific functions including estimates, job controls, and accounting with Sage Intacct for Construction.

Check out GeoTechnologies story here:

"Sage Intacct’s reports and dashboards let us drill into revenue and expenses for any project in real-time and ensure a huge time savings to our finance team."
Debora Hester, Business Manager

5. Sage Intacct Construction is the #1 Provider

Sage is the #1 provider of construction financial management solutions according to the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report and Sage Intacct is the preferred provider of AICPA.

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