Take Your Business Into The Future With Cloud ERP Automation & AI

Cloud ERP Automation

When you think of ensuring your business’ future success, do you think about using Artificial Intelligence (which, at its most basic, is the use of computers to perform tasks heretofore performed by humans) and automation software? No? You may want to rethink your thinking, and here’s why:

Cloud computing (specifically Software as a Service) has provided businesses with exciting automation and business intelligence capabilities needed for today’s digital economy. Even more exciting is the fact that these capabilities—and their benefits—continue to increase as technology continues to advance.

So, what are the capabilities and benefits brought by cloud software, ERP automation, and Artificial Intelligence? Let’s take a look.

Current and future benefits of cloud software, ERP automation, and Artificial Intelligence

According to an SMB Group report, The Business-Technology Performance Connection for SMBs, businesses, specifically small and mid-sized businesses, have been turning to cloud software and cloud ERP solutions for their business management needs for a while now.  

" Since 2010, the adoption of cloud computing has been on the rise in the SMB space with more and more businesses seeing it as the most cost effective, flexible, and fastest way to deploy and support their IT infrastructure and business applications without the need for significant capital investments
and staffing increases "
SMB Group analysts

In that one sentence alone, you can see why with the three great reasons they note: affordability, agility, and speed to implementation. 

There are even more reasons for turning to cloud software and cloud ERP solutions:

Anytime, anywhere access by all employees via mobile devices

Automatic cloud software updates by the vendor

real-time visibility into your business

Access to a single source
of truth

Security handled
by the vendor

User-friendly cloud applications

No hardware to implement or maintain needed

These reasons alone would be sufficient for considering implementing a cloud-based ERP solution, but when you look to the benefits brought by ERP automation and Artificial Intelligence (combined with ERP Machine Learning), then embracing cloud computing is a no-brainer.

Knowledge is power and comprehensive cloud ERP software and accounting automation provide businesses the ability to glean that knowledge. However, there is one caveat: it’s critical that businesses do their due diligence before selecting a cloud ERP solution.

ERP automation and Artificial Intelligence benefits include (but are not limited to):

Selecting the right cloud ERP solution

While there are many “should haves” when evaluating a cloud ERP solution, there is one major “must have.” It must be able to incorporate innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and ERP Machine Learning, within its core offering.

This seamless incorporation is possible when their ERP product is based on an open, flexible platform, and provides Open APIs for easy integrations both now and in the future. The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is a perfect example.

See the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform in action!

Acumatica’s powerful help documentation system, Our Help, is just one example of how Acumatica uses Artificial Intelligence, ERP Machine Learning, and ERP automation to help customers get the answers they need more quickly and easily. 

Acumatica’s platform was built for the cloud. Using standard web technologies and development languages, businesses can use the platform tools or a separate integrated development environment to customize and modify the way they do business.

This flexibility also allows Acumatica to work with the best-in-class Artificial Intelligence and ERP Machine Learning services available.

Cloud ERP Automation

Customers use Our Help to make queries. Based on their prior engagement with the application, Artificial Intelligence and ERP Machine Learning capabilities allow Acumatica to learn whether the customers found the result they needed or if they refined their query. If they refined their query, then the results are automatically adjusted.

This ongoing, user interaction learning is faster and more effective than relying on employee effort alone.

Into the future with cloud ERP Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Cloud computing and automation software continue to advance. Businesses like yours have the opportunity to take advantage of cloud-based ERP solutions that incorporate Artificial Intelligence, ERP Machine Learning, and ERP Automation. 

Automated business intelligence provides invaluable, business-building insights that may otherwise be lost due to lack of time, energy, and ability.

The future is exciting. Don’t let implementing ERP system questions and concerns stop you. Instead, let Acumatica cloud ERP and valuable Acumatica partners, like DSD Business Systems, help you take your business there.

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