Avalara: The benefits of automating your sales tax compliance + Upcoming Webinar

Why automate tax compliance?

The better question is: Why burden your business with something so complex and tedious when it can be solved with software in the cloud?

Most companies don’t realize how much time they waste.

Managing sales tax can be complex and time-consuming, yet failure to comply can leave a business open to audits and significant fines. Once you’ve identified your exposure, automating tax compliance can reduce your risk and free up teams to focus on higher value projects. Want to learn more?

Avalara customers spend far less time on tax compliance, so they can:

  • Manage cash flows – collect payments from customers; reduce costs of inventory and vendors
  • Drive revenue initiatives – promotional programs; sales optimizations
  • Secure credit lines

Decrease the high cost and drain your business

Without automation, your tax professionals are probably buried in endless tasks that could be offloaded. Every hour spent on tax management is an hour lost on other (more important) parts of your business.

Reduce tax risk

Government requirements are increasingly complex and vast, as rates, product taxability rules, and tax laws are constantly in flux. Without automation, your business is likely taking on unnecessary risk.

With up-to-date rates and rules maintained by a cloud-based tax engine, automated tax software can increase the accuracy of your tax compliance. 

With automation, rate calculations are more accurate, use tax is assessed, returns are filed on time, exemption certificates are up to date and easily accessible, and you’re registered in all the right locations.

Grow and scale without adding tax pain

Company growth can create more tax pain. Entering new markets and adding sales channels, employees, products, and/or services can trigger new obligations to register and file in more locations.  

So, too, does expanding into international markets. With global sales come more complicated tax rules and an additional set of tax jurisdictions. Value-added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST) are applied differently than U.S. sales tax. And every country’s tax rules are different.

Automation decreases the tax complexity that often comes with business grow. The effort required to maintain compliance in a few states is vastly different when you do business in most of the U.S. And selling into more countries adds a whole new level of complexity. With automation, it’s easier to scale.

Get more out of your existing technology and systems

You’re likely already automating critical parts of your operations with ERPs, ecommerce platforms, and other business applications. Get more out of your investments by connecting tax software into the systems that power other parts of your business.

Automated tax solutions like Avalara integrate into the most widely used solutions or offer an open API, which allows you to manage your tax compliance within a single dashboard.

Join Avalara's webinar to discover the benefits of sales tax automation and how to choose the right technology for your business. You'll learn:

  • What economic nexus means and why it matters
  • How to determine if your business is impacted based on your transaction history
  • How to automate filing and remittance in new states
  • How to properly document and account for exempt sales
  • How to choose the right tax technology for your business

In these uncertain times, the last thing you need to worry about is tax compliance. Don’t miss this session to make sure your obligations are being managed properly and efficiently.

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