2020 Holiday eCommerce Preparedness Webinar: 10 Important Tips

Join us for Avalara's 2020 Holiday Preparedness Webinar!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

TIME: 9a PT/12p ET

Ecommerce has soared since the onset of COVID-19, and it’s predicted to continue climbing throughout the 2020 holiday season. To take advantage of this trend while avoiding challenges like website crashes and late deliveries, retailers need a plan. But where to begin?

This webinar will provide practical advice from industry experts plus 10 important tips to help your clients capture new sales opportunities, satisfy customers, and maintain sales tax compliance in a holiday season like no other.


Discover why success this holiday season depends on how well your clients:

  • Fortify your ecommerce site
  • Power omnichannel operations
  • Communicate with customers about deliveries and costs – including sales tax and duties

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U.S. retail ecommerce sales are expected to total $709.8 billion this year, an increase of 18%. This increasing shift to online will create enormous potential for retailers who conduct ecommerce.


For a successful 2020 holiday season, a well-considered ecommerce plan will be the bow on your favorite present. You also need to understand your sales tax obligations, since any change or increase in your holiday sales activities may trigger nexus and new requirements surrounding collection and remittance of sales tax.

With many brick-and-mortar stores closing their doors, manufacturers and wholesalers are bypassing normal distribution channels and going direct to consumers to make up lost revenue. U.S. direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales are projected to make up $17.75 billion of total ecommerce sales in 2020, an increase of more than 24% over the prior year. Adding a D2C channel can help you grow your business while maintaining control over the entire buying experience. Know that choosing this route puts you on the hook for collecting and remitting sales and use tax.

More than a third of Americans return holiday gifts. Be sure you’re set up to process online and in-store returns accurately. Merchandise returns also affect your sales tax filings. Many states allow you to claim refunded sales tax on an amended sales tax return. They will usually then apply the amount as a credit toward a later payment.

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