Acumatica Mobile Framework Tips Presented by Nicole Ronchetti

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Recently, DSD’s Nicole Ronchetti was featured in the  Acumatica Cloud ERP Developer blog to share how users can work with the Acumatica Mobile Framework.

Ronchetti explains how the Acumatica Mobile Framework is an amazingly easy tool to work with. There is no need to learn how to program for IOS or Android.

By using the Customization Project Editor within Acumatica, users can customize the mobile interface with very little code. Ronchetti shows how to modify the display of certain fields in a Generic Inquiry on the Mobile app.

Users can easily add generic inquiries to the mobile app in Acumatica by simply clicking on the Expose to Mobile check box when creating the GI

However, when comparing this screen on the desktop with what we see on the mobile app, some issues appear.

First, the mobile app will automatically render the Item and Vendor with the descriptions instead of the code (CD). Ronchetti explains how the Item Description field is visible twice. In addition to that, the Safety Stock field, which is a calculated field in the GI, appears to be editable.

To correct these display issues, create a customization project to add a new screen to display the generic inquiry on our Mobile Application.

First, create a customization project. In the Customization Project Editor in Acumatica, under Mobile Application select Customize > Add New Screen. In the dialog box that appears, select the Screen ID which corresponds to the Generic Inquiry you wish to display.

Under Commands, add the container and fields as seen below. These field names will correspond to the caption of the column in the generic inquiry.

Ronchetti sets the selectorDisplayFormat on the Item and Warehouse to key to display the key value (our code) instead of the description. She also sets the Vendor to display KeyDescription which will provide a combination of both Key and Description. The forceIsDisabled is also set for the Safety Stock field to true so that field will be disabled.

Next we need to update the menu in the mobile app. Under Mobile Application in the Customization Project Editor select Customize > Update Main Menu.

Next we will add some simple code to add this item to the menu.

When done, hit save and publish the project.

Now, when we look at our Mobile application, we will see all of our changes.

The Product Dashboard icon now appears on our main menu with the new icon.  When viewing our list, we can now see the inventory codes displayed and well as our other changes to the various fields.

Hopefully, this provides you a good introduction as to how easy it is to customize Acumatica’s Mobile interface. Using the Customization Project Editor, we are able to modify the mobile interface without any programming for IOS or Android.

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