Five Action Steps to a Better, More Positive Work Culture [WEBINAR]

Human Resources Training: Positive Work Culture. Five Action Steps to a Better, More Positive Work Culture

Happy and engaged employees are committed to and passionate about the work they do, resulting in better performance and lower turnover. Yet many companies fail to realize a positive healthy workplace culture. Why? Because it seems elusive, hard to measure, and hard to prove ROI.

It’s also difficult to address a negative culture where subtle bullying may thrive because your organization may not have guidelines for addressing these behaviors and managers probably are not trained to step in.

This webinar will open your eyes to ways to change all of that!

Five Action Steps to a Better,
More Positive Work Culture

Wednesday, November 13th
11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

Civility Partners has designed a proven method for positive culture change and attendees will learn easily implemented steps to:

  • Create a powerful harassment prevention training program.
  • Use company core values to drive and measure behavior.
  • Confidently discuss the similarities and differences of bullying and harassment versus bullying and workplace violence.
  • Understand negative behaviors as a social phenomenon that includes peers, leaders, and the organization’s culture.
  • Conduct a simple survey to determine the climate, and use the results to make a business case and create an action plan for a positive workplace culture.
  • Use the three steps of intervention to help abrasive leaders change their ways.
  • Implement a healthy workplace policy that has employee buy-in.

Join us on Wednesday, November 13th to learn the real, tangible, and actionable steps to building a better workplace culture!

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