Sage Intacct Explains The Financial Gains of Switching Away From Quickbooks

See how real people are saving money when they switch from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct and why you should too.

A low-price solution can often become a high-cost problem. Do not waste your valuable time and budget on a program you have outgrown.

It's time for you to switch:

The webinars educated panel discusses why your company needs to make a switch. For example, they answer questions about how to increase visibility to better inform company decisions, replace unscalable manual processes like multi-entity consolidations and bulk payment processing, and cut closing time by 50% or more. 

Find out for yourself how Sage Intacct continues to be #1 in Customer Satisfaction on G2 crowd. Listen to the webinar now!

Why two financial professionals made the switch:

Two months ago, Bob Shawgo interviewed two financial professionals, featured on this webinar, who successfully moved their organizations off QuickBooks and reaped the benefits. After changing over to Sage Intacct,  each guest has seen a great improvement in building automation and visibility into their accounting processes. Both guests also have expansive backgrounds in finance, leading back to early career positions with large accounting firms.

Centralized financials for multi-entity restaurant management:

From the webinar, learn how Laird Management used Sage Intacct to run more than 30 Burger Kings across Arizona.  Pam Bakker of Laird Management is here to tell you how she managed to meet these extensive requirements surrounding multi-entity functionality and cash processing. Learn more about how Pam managed to purchase from the top level to take advantage of the scale of their business when ordering everything from food to cleaning supplies. Sage Intacct eliminated Pam’s reliance on Excel spreadsheets and was able to build all her require reports in a centralized system.

Streamlined insurance claims payments:

Kristy Facchini, with AutoClaims Direct, her companies need to automate expense processes. With the custom integration from their claims system as well as using Sage Intacct and ACH payment functionality, she reduced the time to process payments from a full day to a couple of minutes. This integration freed her team to strategically analyze the business more than ever before.

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