DSD’s Sage Affiliate Benefit Program Formally Announced

DSD Sage Affiliate Benefit Program
In February at Sage Summit San Diego, DSD was formally announced as the newest Sage Advocate Partner to develop a Sage Affiliate Benefit Program.

In the months since, Sage has continued to grow the Advocate partner program amongst Diamond level partners and today, communicated the latest program addition and a high level overview to the partner community at large. The email was met with much excitement and we have been inundated with questions so we’d thought it best to add a little more detail here.

Why become an Affiliate partner?

Gold and Silver partners interested in gaining immediate expert sales, marketing, and implementation support through partnership while earning more margins —should consider joining DSD’s Sage Affiliate Program.

The DSD Sage Affiliate Program offers growth-minded firms a golden opportunity to empower their Sage practice.

Resellers that partner with DSD as a part of the Sage Affiliate Program gain access to a vast and powerful network of additional resources and support in several areas including sales, marketing and development.

In just a few short months, current DSD Sage Affiliates have increased profits and customer retention while decreasing stress and worry about maintaining new tier thresholds and certifications.

DSD has invested in an all-star team of seasoned professionals solely dedicated to the success of our Advocate Partner program and the growth of the Affiliate partners.

We have a unique set of offerings
and a plan you can trust!

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