Sage Business Care: 100cloud & 300cloud Plans Explained


With the Sage 100cloud & 300cloud subscription purchase model, understanding Sage Business Care is more important than ever. There has been many changes over the years to naming conventions and coverage levels so we wanted to set the record straight in a real way.

Sage Business Care service plans safeguard and extend your software investment.

Business care plans help all levels of an organization reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of generally operating and updating your Sage solution.

The top 3 benefits of Sage Business Care:

Product updates and enhancements
Sage is committed to improving each solution with regular software updates to help clients boost competitiveness. With Sage Business Care you can be confident that your Sage solution will stay current with the latest hardware and software your company is using. Welcome every Microsoft Windows Update with confidence that your business care plan will allow you to update to the latest version of Sage for compatibility.

24×7 access to the Sage Knowledgebase
Sage customers receive unlimited 24×7 access to the same problem-solving information used by Sage support centers. The online Knowledgebase provides fast, searchable access to a comprehensive support database.

Award-winning customer support
Fast, accurate responses and solutions to software issues and other technical challenges – all included in the plan coverage. If your issue requires escalation or custom programming, Sage Support will encourage you to contact DSD for a more detailed scope of the issue and technical support. Need support now? Contact us!

The Sage Business Care program is only in place to help make your company more successful and more agile while helping you get more out of your Sage solution investment.

Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum:


The emphasis of the plan is on support.

As quickly as things change in today’s global economy, there’s peace of mind in knowing that your investment in Sage is backed by an organization with a history of solid product structure, a reliable record of supporting clients, and a channel of high quality technical consultants like DSD to pass the baton to when things get a bit intricate.

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