C-levels, Consultants, Coders & MORE: DSD Celebrates a few of our own on International Women’s Day

DSD Consultants Coders Celebrate International Womens Day

Historically the software and technology industries have gained the reputation for being male-dominated. While we appreciate the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos of the world, last year Forbes released a list of several women who have also been involved with leading exceptional advancements in the space for the likes of Google, YouTube and Facebook.

It was refreshing to see ERP Software leaders represented on this list, namely: Safra Catz, Co-CEO, Oracle, Jennifer Morgan, President, SAP, Americas and Asia Pacific Japan, and Amy Hood, CFO, Microsoft and others who boldly face board members and shareholders with admirable courage and fortitude.

Because DSD has a history of recognizing and rewarding both men and women in every area of the business, we thought it only fitting to recognize a few female super stars that help make our organization thrive on International Women’s Day.

Kayley Bell  Chief Operating Officer | President, Sales & Service

Kayley Bell
Chief Operating Officer | President, Sales & Service
Melissa Secody Melissa Secody  Operations Manager

Melissa Secody
Operations Manager
Nicole Ronchetti Director, DSD Enhancements
Nicole Roncetti
Director, DSD Enhancements
Sr. Consultant at DSD Business Systems
Barbara Goldstein
Sr. Consultant

DSD is proud of these and so many other women in our organization and the industry at large who boldly take risks in pursuit of excellence and make such a big impact on the heart and success of our women in business.


We will continue to support the positive encouragement of women in technology and hope to see more women embracing their natural gifts for the benefit of the industry and beyond.

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