Sage Payroll Software: Pros & Cons

A cloud-based payroll solution, Sage Payroll is mainly applicable to small and mid-sized businesses and primarily helps them to manage their respective payroll operations. The solution is deployable on-site.

How does Sage Payroll Work?

Users of Sage Payroll can make payments to their employees by way of direct deposits, bank checks or pay cards. It provides numerous reports to its users for continuous analysis and corrections, if necessary. The principal features of Sage Payroll include a tool for report writing, delivered checks, GL export capability as also support from an expert dedicated to payroll operations.

This tool is nothing that has not been proven. This tool works and is currently helping scores of businesses manage their payroll and payment systems. This helps employees and employers alike.

This solution can be integrated with other systems like the Sage 50, QuickBooks, and Sage 100. It is also combinable with attendance and time solutions for tracking overtime, PTO, and tardiness.

Sage Payroll is billable according to the total number of payroll runs and support is available through email, phone, online knowledge base or chat.

Pros and Cons of Sage Payroll Software

  • Sage Payroll enhances business intelligence reporting tools to allows garnering of mass data and to manipulate it within the system. This alleviates the dependency on Excel, which disallowed mass data pulling because it would crash.
  • Sage Payroll is specially designed for those with non-accounting backgrounds and is ideal for small businesses because it doesn’t take much knowledge and time for setting up. Its features are truly praiseworthy, and it’s extremely user-friendly as well to operate and navigate. Ongoing maintenance requirements moreover are minimal.
  • The solution eliminates a considerable amount of time to correct accounting errors by way of its maximum controls. Thus, the requirement of several steps and iterations to correct any minor error is eliminated.

Limitations of Sage Payroll

  • The out-of-the-box reports generated at the month end are often unappealing and need cleaning up and correcting. The reports set up is also not highly intuitive and quite tedious to operate. Improvements are required on its drop and drag tool to make it more visible so that it becomes easier for the user to handle.
  • Sage also needs to enable its users to manipulate the feel and look of input screens in any controlled environment. The options given by it to add fields to particular areas are minimal.
  • Its “Help” feature lacks the “Google intelligence” that allows searching on phrases. So, if your wording isn’t exact, the filtering of items doesn’t happen too effectively.
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