Best HR Automation Tools

Ever since the dawn of computerization and its unstoppable march thereafter, most corporations the world over have started implementing and using HR automation tools not only to streamline HR activities but to make them more efficient, less time consuming, and more cost-effective.

The following are some of the best HR automation tools.

Approvals for Absence:

This is perhaps the most required tool to manage absences. Even though the responsibility of checking and approving leave requests may be with a line manager, it is often seen that manual processes lead to costly errors.

HR automation not only helps streamline requests and approvals but triggers related activities like following up on fitness certificates and work notes that are overdue.

Performance Reviews:

A major headache for the HR department is chasing up on performance appraisal forms. It not only leads to unnecessary waste of time because of the difficulties in data collation but rarely delivers the true insight that’s beneficial to the HR department or gives a fully correct picture of performance improvements.

By automating the flow of forms to the right people timely and subsequently gathering the relevant information on an online system, HR saves time, gets the right information and can focus more on achieving performance objectives.

Employee Documentation:

It is also one of HR’s main responsibilities to ensure that all employees receive important emails and documents ranging from job offer letters to promotion confirmation notes and pay rise notifications. This takes up early 30% of HR’s time.

However, should an HR automation tool be used, such communiqués could be sent out automatically while also storing personalized emails and documents received from and sent to employees. Eliminates the process of cumbrous filing and unnecessary paperwork also.

Job Vacancies:

If job vacancies are published online, it often becomes challenging to keep the listings upgraded on multiple job boards. Today’s recruitment systems enable you to write down the job description and requirements and then direct the software to post it at a particular time and place.

The software ensures that vacancies are published and removed on specified dates. Many online recruitment systems are already linked to the popular job boards and hooking up your website with them is relatively easier also.

Organizational Charts:

These are invaluable tools for workforce planning and inductions but troublesome to constantly upgrade. An HR automation tool uses the available data to create ‘on demand’ organization charts dynamically so that employees can see where they fit in with the organizational hierarchy.

This tool will even help in mapping other assorted data like absence or demographics making it easier for HR to identify particular issues in sections of the business.


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