How Sage Intacct Accounting Solutions Saves You Time

Features of Sage Intacct Accounting Solutions

No business can function without the right technology and tools. Yet, it has been found several times that most small and medium businesses still stick to manual processes to get their work done.

A Better Method Exists

Manual processes consume valuable time and don’t let employees focus on other important tasks. This results in lower efficiency and productivity.

If you’re a small or medium-sized wholesale distributor, you must have a lot of accounting work to do every day. Every distributor has at least five warehouses, and each of them has large volumes of inventory that need careful management and calculation. Goods going out, coming in, returned goods, and unwanted goods all find a place in a warehouse, and all of them need separate management and calculations.

Manual processes can never accomplish what the right tools and technology can manage. Therefore, those who stick to manual processes see a lower efficiency and productivity.

Big Numbers

A small wholesale distributor is defined as having less than five locations with few inter-warehouse transfers, less than $8m to $10m in revenue, and key volume at less than 100 orders a day. But as the business scales, the numbers keep growing.

The same applies to mid-sized wholesale distributors, defined as having more than five warehouses, less than $50 million in revenue, and less than 500 orders a day. But the numbers don’t remain the same as the business grows. This is when manual processes become inefficient and unappealing.

So how do cloud accounting software programs by Sage Intacct help these businesses? By automating various processes, saving time, and boosting productivity.

The solutios by Sage Intacct are compatible with other automation and CRM solutions that a business uses, and are easy to install, use, and maintain. In fact, cloud solutions need little to no maintenance because there’s no hardware involved. There are practically no maintenance costs, plus the benefit of timely upgrades.

There are three important features of Sage Intacct cloud accounting solutions.

#1: Since the software is built on a multi-dimensional general ledger, you get visibility into the entire business. You get to see your information just the way you want. You can also automate all processes and integrate the software with existing systems.

#2: You get additional functionalities like multi-entity management, revenue management, and project accounting.

#3: You can manage your financials with Salesforce, integrate other solutions with the accounting system, and configure it to your specific requirements. You can even design your own applications on the Sage Intacct Platform.

Sage Intacct is the Real Deal

Sage Intacct is trusted by thousands of businesses across the country. Jump on the bandwagon to experience smooth and hassle-free accounting.

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