How Warehousing Management Helps Wholesale Distributors

How Warehousing Management Helps Wholesale Distributors

The warehouse is the most important asset of wholesale distributors. Even if there is one warehouse, it is their biggest asset. But managing these warehouses is far from easy. No wholesale distribution business has fewer than five warehouses. But managing these warehouses, keeping a record of the inventory, and achieving maximum profitability isn’t easy to achieve at all. These processes become even harder and more inefficient when distributors use manual processes for warehousing management.

Not Enough


Warehouses are huge and store a large volume of inventory. Manual processes are far from enough to manage the inventory in all the warehouses.

It not only takes time and effort and manpower but also results in a lot of inaccuracies. Today’s warehouse management is incomplete without automation and cloud systems.

An increasing number of wholesale distributors have realized that efficient and accurate warehouse management is impossible without modern tools. Sage Intacct’s warehouse management system lets wholesale distributors automate processes picking, packing, and shipping, inventory control, and order fulfillment.

Loads of Features


Sage Intacct cloud systems have features such as ecommerce, warehouse and inventory control, integrated shipping and delivery, drop ship, lot and serial tracking, and work order, and compliance label printing.

Some of the processes that a cloud system helps with are:

  • Receiving and storing products, with the system identifying the appropriate location to store incoming products for efficient stocking and helping with verifying receipts and shipping notices.
  • Storing returned goods is also made easier with cloud systems, with the system automatically entering data related to the returned goods and taking appropriate action.
  • The cloud system also determines if quality control is required upon receiving goods. In case it is needed, the system also provides instructions on how it should be done.
  • Pick, pack, and ship become easier with cloud and automation, with automatic processing, scanning and packing of items. The automated processes boost efficiency and reduce shipping costs.

We have already discussed the features of Sage Intacct cloud and automation systems. The systems aren’t just easy to use and maintain, but also integrate seamlessly with other CRM automation systems.

This helps in the smooth warehouse management and processing of warehouse transactions such as receiving, picking, and shipping of goods, and easier handling of items.

A Business with Pride for all the Right Reasons

Sage Intacct is the ultimate solution for warehousing management for all wholesale distributors, regardless of size or scale. Ease of use and maintenance and competitive pricing are some of the best features of Sage Intacct solutions.

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