Sage Intacct Reduces TCO With Cloud

Technology is an important part of any business. But the technology that used to work twenty years ago no longer works, and if a business remains stuck with outdated solutions, there will be poor efficiency and slower growth – things that business always wants to avoid.

As a business scales, gets more customers, and has more data to handle, the old processes don’t work anymore.

Wholesale distribution is one such industry where keeping pace with changing technology is very essential. Since a distribution business has orders to complete within a specific time, taking the help of technology is vital.

Cost always matters

One of the most important reasons why businesses remain stuck with old processes is cost. They tend to think that adapting and maintaining new technology will be more expensive than their existing systems. Since they don’t want to add to overheads, they stick to what they currently use, even if it isn’t enough.

New technology is not always better

Another reason to shy away from new technology is time to learn and master the applications. Distribution businesses usually involve a number of employees, and it is taken for granted that new technologies are complex to learn and difficult to use. Therefore, they find it safer to keep using the systems that they are familiar with.

When it comes to mature or midsized distributors, Sage Intacct cloud solutions can actually help them save money and time. Manual processes take more time and also more money for maintenance and upgrades. Since none of the processes are automated, employees need to spend a lot of time manually entering, checking, or managing large volumes of data.

There are two main challenges that Sage Intacct cloud systems help midsized distributors deal with.

  1. Expensive maintenance and upgrades
  2. Difficulty integrating

In the first case, midsized businesses mostly use on-site hosted programs for their day to day operations, because that’s what they have been using since the beginning. Two examples of such applications are Epicor and Great Plains.

However, these on-premises applications have their own challenges, some of them being high maintenance costs, infrequent upgrades (often years apart), and outdated functionality. The prohibitive renewal costs and poor efficiency are often triggered to shift to a cloud-based program, especially when there are more than 500 orders per day.

In the second case, distributors find these old systems difficult to integrate with other applications, such a tax accounting software or a CRM. Even if they can be customized, they break when upgraded. As a result, distributors cannot provide efficient ecommerce website, which is what every customer demands.

Both of these challenges are solved by Sage Intacct’s solutions. With cloud financial management system, there’s no need to buy servers, search for location space, or pay consultant fees. It also easily integrates with other applications. All of these together work to reduce TCO.

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