Sage Intacct Automated Processes For Small Distributors

The wholesale distribution industry faces a great challenge today. With large public warehouses such as Amazon getting into wholesale distribution, it is a real competition for small wholesale distributors to keep pace.

Since the larger corporations have more resources, money, and technology, they can massively cut down on costs and time to a great extent.

They operate on a large scale and use automation systems to get more done in less time. To be able to survive, small wholesale distributors will need to use upgraded automation systems and also add more value to their services.

All types of industries

Sage Intacct works with various kinds of industries, one of them being small and scaling wholesale distributors. This is the kind of wholesale distributor that was small for a long time and is now focusing on scaling their business.

Typically, they used mostly manual processes when they were small, but as they grow, they realize the need for greater automation in packing, picking, and shipping, and also proper inventory management. A small distributor has $8M to $10M in revenue, and key volume at less than 100 orders a day.

Sage Intacct has the solutions to help small distributors scale without problems. The automated processes provided by Sage Intacct help such small distributors get more done in less time, avoiding the inaccuracies that plague manual processes.

Automating picking, packing, and shipping processes

As a small business, distributors can survive with manual or semi-manual processes. But when they scale, they run into various problems such as difficulty finding locations or new stocks, slow manual inventory and carrier data entry, handwritten labels, and shipping errors (e.g.: shipping the wrong item).

Once the product threshold crosses 500 orders a day, the business is compelled to take action. Sage Intacct can help small distributors scale painlessly by providing pre-built integrations to pick, pack, and ship, barcoding and carrier systems. These solutions can reduce shipping costs by up to 30 percent.

Automating order and inventory management

When a distributor uses a manual process, it results in slow and error prone manual order entry, inaccurate inventory data, and software programs such as QuickBooks unable to handle the growing database. When inventory information is inaccurate, distributors have to manually check stock, resulting in wastage of time and increasing costs.

Sage Intacct offers an advanced inventory system with cycle counts and pre-built integrations with ecommerce systems. The solution can help reduce cost and time by up to 30 percent.

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