Impact of Automation on HR Software

Traditionally, human resource management has been about personnel management. The key functions of a human resource officer were timekeeping, attendance, payroll, tracking leaves, and other features that kept the organization running.

The bigger the organization, the more important a position the HR department enjoyed. In fact, without an HR department, it was impossible to manage the employees.

To assist the HR department technologically, Human Resource Management Systems or HR software came about. Instead of manually keeping track of what was going on in the organization, a software program started to be used to make things easier.

HRMS/ HCM/ HR software helps in managing payroll, employee database, leave and absences, invoices, etc. Every company uses some HR solutions or the other to make the job easier.

The impact of automation

These days, ordinary computer programs aren’t enough to manage a company. We need something extra. That’s the reason why automation, artificial intelligence, and other machine learning programs are being heavily deployed by various companies to manage different departments of an organization.

HR is one such department that has been influenced by automation in recent times. Even if you have 50,000 people working in your company, with the help of automation, several elementary tasks can be removed and a lot of time freed for other important functions.

The advent of these advanced systems has impacted HR software to a great extent. The companies that have successfully implemented these systems have seen a reduction in the hours spent doing repetitive tasks, and a rise in productivity. An organization has several important tasks that need a human touch.

When employees aren’t busy handing out letters and filling out forms, they can focus on more important functions of the organization.

The survival of the fittest

Automation has also negatively impacted the labor force. The hundreds of thousands of people working in HR departments are now at the risk of losing their jobs because a machine has replaced them. It cannot be denied that technology is the way to the future.

Those who cannot cope up have to perish. Companies that manage to keep pace with the changing technology are the ones that succeed.

The only way to ensure that humans still remain important to the HR department is to help employees learn the new technologies that are coming. Be it automation or machine learning, being skilled in artificial intelligence will open up more jobs in future when the traditional roles of today become redundant.


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