The Best HR Software: InfinityHR and Sage

InfinityHR and Sage
In this tech-driven world, no business can do without a human resource management software. HR software is a complete solution that helps in the smooth functioning of every HR department. It combines almost all processes including recruiting and training, salary and benefit management, and payroll and performance.

Businesses have a lot of functions that are extremely time-consuming. If you have limited employees and resources, you will end up spending a large amount of time manually entering and managing data. If you focus on one task, other aspects of the business are neglected.

For the smooth functioning of all aspects of your business, it is foolish to not take the help of a human resource software.

If you are a small business, you may initially dismiss the necessity of a human resource software. However, with time, you will realize that not only is it a vital tool for any business, but also helps save time and cuts costs.

Your HR department will be able to complete tasks sooner and keep track of all activities in a single place. Employees can also track their own skill sets, payroll, and benefits. As a result, everyone is able to focus on more important tasks, leading to greater productivity. Gone are the days of answering emails for hours about employee HR questions and files.

Two companies stand out in the crowd of human resource software: InfinityHR and Sage.


This is a very popular HRMS among small, medium, and large businesses. The software combines all HR processes at one place, making it easy for businesses to manage their HR department smoothly. Some of the features of the InfinityHR software are:

  • HR management: Aids in acquiring, keeping, and managing employees
  • Benefits Management: Add, enroll, and manage employee benefits
  • Reliable and Seamless Payroll management
  • Attendance and leave tracking
  • Employee portal with self-service
  • Mobile app to manage things from anywhere

The software has a subscription model, and also has a mobile app that lets you take the software along. The customer service is excellent and always provides timely support and help whenever needed. You will be satisfied just like watching a wonderful show like The Good Wife, 24, House of Cards, and so on.


Targeted at small and mid-size businesses, Sage HRMS is a suite of applications that allows users to smoothly operate their HR department. One of the most popular aspects of this system is Sage Payroll, which enables you to manage all aspects of payroll effectively. Other features include:

  • Sage People, which enables you to keep track of your employee data
  • Employee self service, which enables employees to manage their own data without having to consult HR
  • Performance review and applicant tracking system
  • Development and training

Sage offers quote-based and enterprise pricing, and also custom pricing. They are also known to have a fantastic customer support team that promptly responds to any issues.

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