Ramp up Your Sales Management Efforts With These Tips

If you’re a sales manager, you’re probably under pressure to stay on top of your business’s orders while remaining within a strict budget. Sticking to a specific time frame and making sure all sales are fulfilled and prepared correctly can be difficult. Some of the common issues you’ll likely face include:

Order Tracking

A sales optimization system is a requirement for keeping track of your orders. If you can’t rely on manual reports for your inventory, you risk running out of important products when you need them most. Electronic order tracking is incredibly important, so you need to invest wisely when choosing a system for your company.

Managing Cash Flow

Keeping track of your cash flow while working without any sort of automated system can be time consuming, incredibly tedious, and easy to bungle. One slight error can have a compounding effect over time that doesn’t become apparent for months or years later, leaving you struggling to trace your records back to the original mistake. Maintaining a complete and accurate record of your cash flow is extremely important.

Poor Customer Satisfaction

When you’re working without the help of technology to move you at a faster pace, customer satisfaction levels are likely to drop. If you regularly can’t find products, fulfill orders incorrectly, or provide customers with incomplete or inaccurate information, they’ll very soon stop doing business with you and approach your competitors instead. It’s extremely difficult to regain the trust of a dissatisfied customer.

Optimizing Your Sales Workflows

Incorporating a technology base system like Sage 100 will allow you to keep proper track of your sales and keep your team working efficiently. These systems work in multiple ways to ensure your sales office is running smoothly and staying on top of orders and deadlines using accurate inventory reports. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Going paperless. Using electronic management systems means you always have a trail of supplies and orders. Relying solely on paper can be time-consuming and may even result in lost orders. By going paperless, you save time and reduce costs. This allows you to work much faster and get orders and sales fulfilled more quickly and accurately. This also allows your office to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating paper files and waste.
  • Process sales quicker. Electronic management means processing sales orders is much faster than with manual methods. Consider allowing your customers to use an online portal to purchase products with a credit card. The management software processes the credit cards and ensures your sales numbers are consistently accurate. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of ordering whenever they like directly from your website, and you can enjoy the security that comes with repeatedly closed sales.
  • Streamline purchasing processes. By keeping track of your sales and inventory electronically, your stock is always within acceptable levels. As Sage 100 processes your orders, it will notice when inventory for certain products drops and can automatically submit a new order to your vendor. This constant tracking of inventory helps ensure you never run out of your top-selling products. Keep track of goods received and invoiced and make sure your cash flow remains as balanced as possible.
  • Shipping. Sage 100 always recommends the best way for you to ship your product to the customer. Keeping track of sales and making sure they are shipped efficiently is easy with this automated system. Access a report of all your orders awaiting fulfillment and coordinate tracking information between you, your customers, and your shipping vendor.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. By streamlining your sales management efforts, you can serve more customers than ever. You also ensure secure and convenient processing of payment so customers have confidence when they order from you. If there’s ever an issue with an order, you’ll be able to locate it right away and devise a solution for your customers.

The fast pace of order to delivery will encourage your customers to continue doing business with you. Since you’ll be spending less time fixing problems and managing administrative tasks, you’ll have more time to ensure consistently excellent customer service experiences.

Sales Management Made Easy

Incorporating a sales management system into your office allows you to constantly be on top of sales and ensure your product output is running smoothly. Knowing exactly what products are being ordered, when they’re being ordered, and how they’re being shipped will help keep your sales team on track. An accurate report of past sales will make you aware of what products are moving quickly and what products might not be as successful in the future. Ultimately, these automated services allow your company to operate as efficiently as possible.

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