Eight Ways You Can Benefit From Automated Financial Management

Keeping accurate financial records can be a tedious, time-consuming process, but it’s essential to protect your company. While you likely prefer to spend more time advancing your company than fielding mundane administrative tasks like financial record management, errors and procrastination can have disastrous consequences for your bottom line.

Integrating an automated financial management system can help you streamline your workflows and save tremendous amounts of money every year. Additionally, Sage 100 offers to create an accurate timeline of your organization’s financial history so you can make better and more informed strategic decisions.

Consider the following eight ways an automated financial management system could help your company.

Make Faster Decisions

Using an automated financial management system like Sage 100 allows you to receive accurate, reliable, and verifiable information in a timely manner. Being able to trust in these processes allows you and your business to make quick and informed business decisions. Automated systems offer peace of mind that errors are far more detectable and traceable than manually managed financial records. When inconsistencies appear, you have an earlier warning so you can address them before they create more significant problems for you later.

Planning and Forecasting

An automated financial management system allows you to forecast and plan your financial goals with greater accuracy. These systems will give you a better idea of the trends happening in your business and how to use those trends to your advantage in future financial planning. This removes some of the guesswork involved with forecasting and allows you to feel more confident in your targets and goals. Instead of wasting operating capital on items that won’t sell next season, this system can warn you ahead of time to reallocate that portion of your budget to greater effect elsewhere.


Integrating an automated system enables all financial information to be transparent. Without an automated system, you are relying on your accounting and finance personnel to divulge all financial information to you. An automated system can help remove any errors in information processing and ensure you’ll never be blindsided by unexpected financial turns.

Controlling Your Budget

As your company grows and expands, so does your budget. An automated management system allows you to take complete control over your departmental budgets and helps ensure each department is operating within their means. It gives department heads the opportunity to see what other departments are doing and offer advice and commentary on any issues that may affect multiple departments. Coordination is a tremendous asset in the modern fast-paced business world, so an automated budgeting system helps keep everyone in your organization aware of your financial situation with real-time updates.

More Time for Other Tasks

Your employees won’t have to spend as much time performing mundane data entry tasks and can instead focus on more productive work for your company. Barcode systems and automated applications allow your employees to quickly and easily move about their workspaces with more control over their workflows. Instead of wasting time on seemingly unimportant work, your employees can quickly accomplish their data entry using an integrated automated system.

Fewer Errors

An automated system helps mitigate the chances of human error interfering with your operations. Multiple data entry points from different employees can lead to financial mix-ups. When several people are involved, it could take quite some time before the error is addressed or even noticed, leaving more time for the error to negatively impact other aspects of your business. You can trust that your financial information is being processed correctly and accurately using a system like Sage 100.

A Competitive Edge

Using an automated financial management system brings your company a step above your competitors. This integrated system allows for a quick turnaround to investors or customers and will ensure their satisfaction with your company. This boost to your reputation increases your productivity and often opens new opportunities for growth in the future. Your integrated system will allow you to prepare for changes in your market and to stay one step ahead of competitors.


Ultimately, automated financial management can help increase your business’ financial efficiency. Programs like Sage 100 allow you to take control of your finances and to ensure no resources are being overworked or misused. This system will be able to show you the ins and outs of your business’s finances and give you an idea of potential risks. For example, informed forecasting decisions are incredibly important to maintaining your company’s cash flow. Slow seasons can unpredictably hit virtually any industry, and it’s important that you have an accurate picture of your finances.

Automated financial management systems allow you to take complete control of the financial status and progress of your company. You will be able to keep track of historical trends with the company and prepare for any future changes in the market. An automated system gives you the opportunity to utilize labor hours in a more responsible way. It allows all the leaders of your business to be on the same page – especially where finances are concerned. Allowing you to view these factors and prepare for the future will help ensure your business is operating at its most efficient level possible.

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