What is Sage 100c?

Running a business is no small task.

In fact, running a business requires doing a good deal of big thinking in addition to small tasks.

That’s where Sage 100c can help you. Think of this software package as your right-hand man – taking care of the details that you don’t have time to do yourself, when you don’t have time for mistakes. If you’re running a small to medium sized company, Sage 100c could be the complete solution you need. It can automate processes, connect your employees, and lend business insights just when you need them.

Sage 100c let’s you…


It all starts with the software’s core functions: personalization tools, workflow and process tools, dashboards and reporting, document management, and import/export tools. Then, on top of that, you can pick the Sage 100c capabilities that work for you: HR and payroll, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing and vendor management, and light assembly and production. And if you’d like to the software to be further specialized to meet your organization’s unique needs, simply incorporate any number of add-on solutions from Sage 100c’s extensive network of third-party solution providers like the camera or the fingerprint reader – to log expenses on the go, and more.

Improve financial management and accuracy!

If you’re doing your bookkeeping manually, you have to think of all the things that could go wrong. If you’ve got Sage 100c on your team, you can instead think of all the things that will go right. You’ll be able to easily manage expenditures and raise productivity. You can simplify your cash management and take control of the budget process. You can automate monthly reconciliation and sales tax management and forget about filling out tax forms manually. Your general ledger accuracy will go up, as will your ability to easily manage and track your fixed assets. And you’ll be able to design, distribute and consume intelligent reports with ease.

Optimize inventory and production!

By providing more efficient inventory management and warehouse operations, Sage 100c helps you cut costs, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. It also provides detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process — from forecasting and scheduling through shop floor and completion. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency through all stages, look no further. Sage 100c gives you the ability to create multilevel bills and produce accurate, informative reports including detailed bill structures. And integrated distribution management software helps streamline and automate warehouse operations.

Boost sales!

Sage 100c lets you respond to customers with increased speed and precision, putting complete and up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. It also allows you to accept more payment types and, with Sage 100c Paperless Office, organize documents without hassle or clutter. You’ll be able to easily create detailed, accurate records of every purchase – including quantities, price, who’s placing the order, and special shipping instructions. Tracking and processing returns becomes a breeze, as does data collection. And, in the end, you’ll find that not only are you more satisfied, customers are, too.

Oversee marketing!

With Sage 100c, you’ll have immediate visibility of essential customer data. You’ll be able to profile, track, and target customers, which will ultimately lead to an improvements in the company’s bottom line and productivity. From within the software, your salespeople will be able to issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, or view detailed orders and invoices. And you’ll find an increase in efficiency and data integrity.

Make better HR and payroll decisions!

Promptly meet and respond to HR management challenges with industry-leading Sage HRMS. It makes it easy to stay in compliance with government regulations and optimize decision-making to meet Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. You’ll also be able to manage everything from employee hours to direct deposit submissions and tax filings all from within the software.

Really, it might be simpler to explain what Sage 100c doesn’t do. It’s not going to make you breakfast or do your laundry. But from a business perspective, it’s going to give you all the support you need. Sage 100c allows you to manage products, orders, customers, finances, and operations in a company-specific way that will let your business excel.


   Written by DSD Business Systems

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