What’s New in Service Center?

Running an older version of Service Center for Sage 100 and thinking about upgrading? By upgrading DSD Service Center to the 2017 release, you can leverage upgraded features and enhancements that make running your depot repair business easier. Many new features have been added in versions 2013 – 2017. Below are the top five reasons to upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Credit Card Processing – Credit Card Processing has been enhanced to include Level III Credit Card Processing.
  2. Auto Complete – Added auto complete in Service Order Data Entry to Customer Number and Item Code. In Service Item Maintenance auto complete has been added for the service item code and the serial number. For the serial number, as you begin to type, you will see a list of matching service items.
  3. Enhanced Copy Line to Selected Service Item Entries features – A new button has been added to the details tab of Service Order Entry which allows you to copy a detail line from one service item to one or more other service item entries. You can now also copy multiple detail lines to multiple service items all at the same time. Exploded kit components now also copy as well.
  4. Override Original Warranty – You can now manually override the original warranty assigned to an item when the item is first sold on a Sales Order or Invoice.
  5. Sell Demo Item – Frequently a customer who has received a demo or loaner unit will decide to keep it. In prior versions the procedure required that you issue a credit memo to return the unit to stock then use an invoice to sell the unit to the customer. A new button has been added to the Demo/Loaner Record Maintenance on the setup menu to Sell the unit.
  6. Apply Button in Service Item Maintenance – When changes are made to a service item in Service Item Maintenance, you can now click an Apply button to make those same changes to the service item entries for that service item.
  7. Change Service Item Code – Service Center has always had the ability to do a mass change of the serial number for a service item, but now you can also change the item code. Now you can choose if you want to change just serial number, or just item code, or both of them at the same time. Serial history button now shows serial/item change.
  8. Added feature to Allow “Use Email Address in Data Entry” when emailing Service Orders through Paperless Office.
  9. New Status Log Fields – The following new fields have been added to the Service Item Log and Service Item Log History files: StatusTime, StausEndDate, StatusEndTime, MinutesInStatus.
  10. Process ACH Payments from Customers from within Service Order entry with Sage Payments integration.

DSD Business Systems has been a Sage Development Partner for over 25 years, and has over 400 Enhancements to Sage 100 ERP, and has created thousands of custom solutions for end-users around the world. We have had the privilege of working with hundreds of Sage consultants, resellers, and end-users to produce powerful custom solutions that enhance the functionality of Sage 100 ERP.

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To receive a full list of features added in Service Center or learn more about Service Center for Sage 100, please visit the product page here or email to schedule a personalized demo.

Nicole Ronchetti

Nicole Ronchetti,
Product specialist at DSD Business Systems

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