5 Reasons to Explore Acumatica ERP

With Acumatica’s annual San Diego conference just around the corner, business partners and customers will be coming together to hear about Acumatica’s latest products and solutions. While San Diego’s sunshine might be enough to get some people to turn up, for those who need more than brilliant rays, here are five brilliant reasons for your business to consider Acumatica ERP.

1. You want access.

Spreadsheets might work fine if you’re running a business from your desk, but in today’s world, you’re more likely to be running your business from your laptop, an employe’s iPad, your mobile phone, or even a conference, like Acumatica Summit in San Diego. If that’s the case, you’ll also want to access to your data from wherever you are. Acumatica’s cloud platform allows for that – running across web browsers. And it gets users up-and-running instantly on a fully mobile solution. So you can oversee grant approvals and workflows from anywhere. What’s more, you can even take advantage of the unique capabilities of your iPhone and Android devices – like the camera or the fingerprint reader – to log expenses on the go, and more. Related: Still using Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks for accounting? Here are 6 signs that you’ve outgrown financial spreadsheets - WATCH THE VIDEO

2. You want teamwork.

With no license fees, you can afford to have everyone at your company using the same system. This allows for real-time collaboration and also increases accuracy. As companies grow, they have more data and more that needs to be done with it. Having everyone in the same system helps ensure that everyone is using the same numbers. It also streamlines the regulatory compliance process.

And just because everyone’s using the same system, doesn’t mean they’re all using the exact same interface. Acumatica can easily be tailored to the user and their role, allowing everyone in your organization to work with ease and feel that their needs matter.

3. You want control.

As a company-wide solution, Acumatica gives you visibility and control over your finances. This will ultimately increase your productivity, better allowing you to manage costs and drive growth. You’ll also have control over security, as Acumatica provides enterprise-grade security features and allows you to choose whether you want your data to be on a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises. And with Acumatica, you know what you’re getting: there are no hidden fees.

4. You want growth.

As your business grows, its needs may change. Will your current accounting system change with your company’s needs? Acumatica will. It’s ready to create new and relevant reports the minute you are. And it has no problem handling the increased amount of data that will be coming its way. Acumatica is also built to provide you with all the metrics you’ll need to analyze increasingly complex data sets. It automates basic tasks like data input and generates meaningful reports with that data.

5. You want profit.

It’s true that you have to spend money to make money, but it’s also true that you’ll make more if you manage your costs effectively. Arm yourself with a reliable back-end system that won’t eat up your budget. Acumatica is an ERP you can count on, and one that helps ensure your ERP leads to positive ROI. It also allows you protect your existing investments by letting you easily integrate with existing client hardware.

These are five great reasons to explore Acumatica ERP, but they’re not the only reasons. If you’re ready to move your company forward in the digital age, to equip your company with greater agility and to free up valuable company resources, take a closer look. Acumatica helps you create more – and more useful – reports, all while keeping you organized and your business streamlined. Once you start using Acumatica ERP, you’ll see why everyone’s flocking to Acumatica Summit San Diego.

   Written by DSD Business Systems

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