Start the New Year off Right with an ERP System Upgrade


Having outdated accounting software is a headache, but do you know what it’s really costing you? Slow, inefficient, or broken accounting software systems can waste valuable employee hours, reduce productivity, and restrict business growth. In contrast, a new, dynamic system can facilitate company scalability. This year, include an enterprise research planning (ERP) software upgrade in your New Year’s resolution.

Let Go of Outdated Accounting Software

Using outdated accounting software to run your business may seem like you’re saving money on “costly” upgrades, but it can disrupt your business considerably. Accounting software is imperative to your company’s functionality, organization, and overall success. Without properly operating software, your accounting department is in the dark, creating time-wasting workarounds to make old software work for new applications. Instead of spending the time and resources training your staff to use an inefficient, archaic system, put your efforts toward a brand new ERP system.

There are several reasons you should consider upgrading to ERP accounting software. One of the most important reasons is to enable your company to make the most out of big data – something that is ruling the modern business sphere. Data today is a more valuable commodity than most other investments, giving your brand insights into your consumers’ wants and needs, your company’s scalability, and how to maximize profitability. Without an ERP platform, your accounting department may be unable to create reports based on data. In a competitive environment, this issue alone can mean the end of your company.

Outdated accounting software wastes your company’s time, money, and manpower. Putting off an ERP software upgrade may limit your ability to capitalize on new opportunities and grow your business. While a new system is an investment, you have to spend money to make money. The money you put into an ERP software program will come back to you in increased employee productivity, more insightful reports, and access to complex, meaningful data. Related: Still using Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks for accounting? Here are 6 signs that you’ve outgrown financial spreadsheets - WATCH THE VIDEO

Discover the Potential of New ERP Solutions

There’s no time like the present to get started on your New Year’s resolution. There are several impressive new ERP software programs on the market, including Acumatica Cloud ERP. Acumatica has a complete set of cloud-based ERP software applications that come with reporting tools, simple dashboard interfaces, document management, increased security, and plenty of customization options. Acumatica 5.2 is the latest release, featuring the most powerful software available. With such a fast, dynamic, and personalized system working for you, 2017 can be your year to shine.

Another ERP software to explore is Sage 100, for small to medium sized businesses.  Sage 100 has more than 25 modules and hundreds of customizable add-ons. Sage 100 Advanced is ideal for businesses with high transaction volume or many network requirements.

New ERP software is more efficient, precise, and scalable. It enables the accounting department to take more accurate measurements, process data in better ways, and give you insight into the state of the business. Don’t waste another minute of the controller or CFO’s time. Change the way you do business by upgrading your accounting software. To learn more about available ERP software or to work with an experienced software developer, contact DSD Business Systems.

   Written by DSD Business Systems

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