What Is Acumatica ERP and Why Do You Need It?

Running a business of any size is challenging and rewarding. However, no one person or team of people can manage a business alone. A successful business requires careful management of financials, personnel, and hiring processes. To streamline these processes, many business owners turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

What Is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are large-scale software programs that any business can use. Enterprise resource planning began in the 1960s under the name “material requirements planning,” which businesses used mostly for data and inventory control. During the 1990s, however, these systems expanded considerably. Business owners began to rethink not only how to manage their inventories, but how to meet supply and demand as well as maintain communication. ERP has developed into a highly sought system across business fields.

Today, systems such as Acumatica Cloud ERP help business owners keep track of everything from accounts payable to customer service, and internal communication. Every employee is familiar with the aspects of the accounting software used in his or her department, and changing from one system to the next is reasonably easy. Regardless of vendor, most accounting software systems have the same basic sets of features. Business owners choose systems that work best with their business practices and are easiest to integrate with the technology they already use.

Benefits of ERP

Robust accounting software is usually considered a luxury for small and growing businesses – they typically only invest in what they absolutely need to keep going. For larger companies, accounting software, such as Acumatica ERP, is an operational necessity. Companies that do business in multiple countries, have hundreds or thousands of employees, and make large-scale purchases on a regular basis simply cannot rely on bare-bones accounting software packages. ERP accounting software offers a more efficient and far more robust range of capabilities to manage every aspect of a company’s financial matters.

With cloud-based ERP software, employees can access their business’s computer programs and data from any device. They can make phone calls or send emails from any location, reducing the need for them to be in the building several hours a day. This frees employees and business owners to focus on tasks that need their attention most. It also makes the ERP system much less expensive and easier for business owners and employees to learn to use.

ERP relies somewhat on automation. With ERP, employees no longer have to maintain separate databases or manually merge data to ensure accurate reports. The system keeps reports and information in one place, allowing employees to pull from one database as needed. This ensures consistent accuracy in reporting and lets employees focus on tasks that will further the business. Instead of focusing on data entry, employees in the financial department can concentrate on how to make more money with a particular service or product.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP?

An industry-leading and modern ERP software, Acumatica, has been specifically designed as a streamlined, intuitive, and comprehensive accounting software package. Acumatica ERP speeds business processes for many company types. Its multi-warehouse allocation and quick, list-based navigation make it ideal for companies that rely on warehouses and large-scale transportation, such as aviation. Acumatica’s other features, such as single sign-on, help streamline corporate business as well. With single sign-on, employees can access and update data whenever they need to without constantly entering their login IDs and passwords. This protects corporations and other companies with sensitive data from hackers.

If your company relies heavily on data analysis, you can benefit from Acumatica. For instance, health care systems across the country are looking for new ways to manage patient data. Acumatica offers easily searched databases as well as different sites for tasks such as medicine distribution.

Consider Acumatica ERP if your company regularly distributes products. Whether you use warehouses, aviation, or trucking, Acumatica helps quickly determine which products go where, when, and in what quantities. Each of Acumatica’s ERP sites is integrated, so your employees can focus on distribution and data rather than learning separate systems.

Kayley Bell

Written by Kayley Bell,
Chief Operating Officer at DSD Business Systems


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