Session Highlights – Sage 100: Customizer


One of the most instructional and informative sessions at the recently concluded Sage Summit 2016 was Sage 100: Customizer.  This session was led by Steve Malgren, Sr. Director of Engineering at Sage, and Elliott Pritchard, Principal Architect at Sage Software.  This session was a great beginner course for users and consultants who may not be familiar with the features of Sage 100 Customizer and provided a plethora of information for everyone who attended.

In the session, Steve and Elliott provided attendees with an overview of Customizer.  Customizer allows Sage 100 users to:

  • Adapt Sage 100 to fit your business and workflows
  • Modify Screens, data (user-defined fields and tables) and logic (with user-defined scripts)
  • Create changes that are user or company code specific

Some of the features available with Sage 100 Customizer include:

  • Add your own user-defined fields to the screen or fields that Sage does not include
  • Create buttons to pop-up new windows or to invoke user-defined scripts
  • Create new panels for additional screen real estate
  • Add your own user-defined fields to almost any table in framework modules and main entities in legacy modules (i.e. Payroll)
  • Add your own user-defined tables to the framework modules
  • Flow your user-defined field data through the system
  • Item UDF -> Sales Order UDF -> Invoice UDF -> Invoice & Order History UDF
  • Add your own fields on reports and forms, even filter reports by your user-defined fields

In this session Steve and Elliott also reviewed additional areas in Customizer such as Advanced Field Settings and User-Defined Scripting.  A handout was also provided with added information and reference for the Sage 100 Customizer Module.  This handout can be downloaded here as well.

Many who attended this session at Sage Summit 2016 found it immensely valuable and a great learning experience.

Nicole Ronchetti

Nicole Ronchetti,
Product specialist at DSD Business Systems

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