As a Sage Software User, Why Should I Attend Sage Summit?


Over my career as a Sage 100 Consultant, I have attended many Sage Summits. They were previously held in cities such as Palm Springs, Nashville, Orlando, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, New Orleans and this year in Chicago.  The event has grown to a very large scale production that connects Customers, Vendors, Consultants and Developers to discuss, review new product integrations or modules, and gain knowledge. There are always exceptional keynote speakers, who inspire and share stories of life, or how Sage improved their business.  There is always an abundance of activities, such as attending speaking sessions, learning sessions, the exhibitor hall, or having fun at a concert. What I enjoy most is that over the last decade, Sage has evolved the event by inviting Sage Customers, along with Sage Partners, to Sage Summit. To me this is important for our clients to be able to attend and witness the large Sage Community & resources available.  It is important to have our customers attend Sage Summit so they can see Sage is a major Software Publisher.

As a Sage Software reseller and consultant, DSD Business Systems has many customers currently using Sage Software.  We attend Sage Summit to assist our Sage clients with their software needs at the event, but we also have a booth at Sage Summit, since we are a Master Developer of Sage Enhancements, Modules and Custom Programming.  It is important for us to attend, in order to be able to answer any software development questions our clients have and be able to assist them with any custom programming needs.

When I attend Sage Summit, I often hear the question from our clients, ‘Are we out growing the software’?  No matter how many conversations we as Consultants can have with them, nothing compares to them hearing the answer firsthand at Sage Summit.  When our customers attend Sage Summit they get to see in person exactly what we have been informing them all along.  Often times, the situation isn’t that the client has outgrown the software, but they just aren’t using their software it to its fullest functionality.  The event opens their eyes to realizing how much more functionality is out there for Sage Software and the benefits to utilizing those features.  Not only that, but the client also gets to build a connection with everyone who works, sells, develops and uses Sage’s products. They understand the powerful community they are aligned with by using Sage Software.

If you are a client using any Sage Software, next year you should seriously think about attending Sage Summit.  You will grow and start connecting with people who share you enthusiasm for seeing what is new, what direction is Sage going, or the direction your Sage Software is going.  All of this will help you and your company to be more successful in the future.

Ron Peterson

Written by Ron Peterson,
General Manager of DSD Denver

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