A Sensational Blues Experience in Downtown Chicago

A Sensational Blues Experience in Downtown Chicago

I recently went on a trip to Chicago for Sage Summit 2016.  I knew the event would include exciting bands and celebrity Keynote speakers, but little did I know that when I ventured out into the city I would encounter an amazing blues music experience of a lifetime.  A fifteen minute Uber ride from the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place dropped us at the doorstep of a bar renowned for its outstanding offering of local Chicago blues – The Kingston Mines.

The Kingston Mines is a world-famous blues nightclub, located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL.  The bar opened in 1968, originally as a coffee house & theater, then over the course of a few years morphed into a Blues club reflecting its urban surroundings.

The artists playing at Kingston Mines cover a broad spectrum of Chicago blues.  Chicago blues is a form of urban blues music specific to Chicago, Illinois.  It includes the sounds of electric guitar and the harmonica, with the harmonica played through the PA system.

The Kingston Mines’ décor, sparse, slightly earthy, understated, but warm, boasted a dual stage arrangement delivering a non-stop musical experience showcasing two very talented local acts. While each band reflected its own unique musical style, both steadfastly displayed their deep seeded love for traditional Chicago blues.  Stage one had a motley five piece that entertained the small crowd with languorous guitar riffs and ominous keys.  While stage two showcased a female artist whose masterful command of the guitar wowed the crowd, much belying her stoic, matronly appearance.

In addition to the authentic blues music, Kingston Mines offers a great selection of food, such as southern New Orleans style ribs, wings, or catfish.  The dual rooms also offer an escape from the crowd, allowing people to get a bite to eat and talk.  The blues at Kingston Mines entertain long into the night, well past 2am.  So next time you’re in Chicago and have a desire to see some authentic Blues, catch a ride over to the Kingston Mines. It’ll be a night you won’t soon forget.

Joe De Maria

Written by Joe De Maria
, Programmer Manager at DSD Business Systems

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