VB Scripting vs. Custom Programming in Sage 100

VB Scripting vs. Custom Programming in Sage 100

Sage 100 includes a useful feature that many users do not know about:  User-defined VB scripts.  User-defined scripting is a powerful tool that can be used in Sage 100 to add extra features to your system, without modifying the program, and can be used by anyone.  For instance, if you wanted to automatically add a credit card fee to a sales order or create a button to calculate the expiration date on a quote, a user defined script can accomplish this for you.

Scripts can be a useful and cost-effective solution to many needs that you may have in your Sage 100 system, however they do have their limitations. Related: Considering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? This free guide will help you calculate ROI and understand whether or not ERP IS RIGHT FOR YOU.Download it here.  When deciding if a script is the correct solution, it is important to consider the disadvantages as well. Consider these factors when thinking about scripting in your Sage 100 system:

  • Third party enhancements may affect how your script will run.
  • Scripts may or may not survive upgrades or operating system changes.
  • There may already be a developer enhancement created for what you are trying to accomplish with the script.
  • Your particular application may not have a scriptable solution.
  • Creating a VB Script requires knowledge of Visual Basic as well as the Sage 100 data file structure and the business object interface.

Depending on the complexity of the project, a developer enhancement may be more cost effective than a VB Script, but often times, a custom script can be the way to go.

At DSD Business systems we offer a wide range of enhancements, custom programming, VB Scripting services and training. If you aren’t sure which the best solution is for you, let us know, and we can determine which method best suits your particular needs.

Nicole Ronchetti

Nicole Ronchetti,
Product specialist at DSD Business Systems

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