A Glance into the New Sage 100 2016

A Glance into the New Sage 100 2016 For the second time this calendar year, Sage has released a new version of Sage 100 – version 2016 (aka version 5.30). Many readers and users may find that there are not that many new features added to this release…alas, it is true. However, for the ones that did make the cut, there is still much value and utilization to be had! Let’s take a look at some of those new features below:

New User Interface (for Sage 100c Product Only)

As part of the debut for the new Sage 100c (subscription-based) product, Sage has developed a new user interface. The interface boasts a more modern appearance, and enables users to take advantage of features such as increased font size for desktop and task menus, as well as utilizing themes. You can even create your own themes! The Classic Desktop view is still available, but users can choose which view they prefer.

Extended Item Descriptions for Miscellaneous Items

Users will now have the capability to create extended descriptions for miscellaneous item codes (excluding comment-type items). To take advantage of this feature, simply utilize the new Extended Item Description button located in Miscellaneous Item Maintenance as well as in any data entry screen where miscellaneous items are applicable. These extended descriptions will also be printable on forms and reports, as well. Related: Considering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? This free guide will help you calculate ROI and understand whether or not ERP IS RIGHT FOR YOU.Download it here.

Expanded Customer Purchase Order Field

Previous to the Sage 100 2016 release, the Customer Purchase Order field was limited to 15 characters. Now expanded to 30 characters, this should give users plenty of space to record those ever-important order numbers.

New Vendor Maintenance Fields for 1099 Reporting

To aid in further managing 1099 vendor information, Sage has added two new fields to the Additional tab in Vendor Maintenance:

Electronic Consent Signed: This checkbox can be checked to signify that the vendor has consented to receive an electronic 1099 form in place of a paper copy.

FATCA: This checkbox is applicable if you are required to report payments to a particular vendor per the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Larger Font Size Option for Aging Reports

It is no secret that the font size on stock reports in Sage 100 has been painfully small for years. However, in this release, both the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Reports now have an option to “Print Condensed”. When this check flag is NOT checked on, it will now print with a standard 8-point font, as opposed to a condensed (standard) 6-point font. For those of you that find this is still too small, you can go into User Maintenance and set the default zoom percentage for each user (a feature that was new to the v2015 release).

Default Expiration Date of Quotes

The Sales Order Options menu embraces a new setup feature via the Entry tab- a field called “Default Days Until Quote Expires”. When a value is entered here, it will be utilized to calculate the Expiration Date for quotes in Sales Order Entry. This acts as a default and can be overridden, as needed.

As you consider whether it is time to upgrade your Sage 100 system, hopefully the above features will be a contributing factor in that decision. As always, it is our goal to enable end-users to maximize organizational efficiencies through the Sage 100 product line. If you would like additional information on the new Sage 100 2016 version, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager at DSD Business Systems!

Cindy Strong


Written by Cindy Whitlock, ERP Consultant at DSD Business Systems

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