Multi-Company Consolidation with Sage 100

Multi-Company Consolidation with Sage 100

DSD Business System’s Multi-Company Consolidation enhancement allows for a simple and seamless way to consolidate data from multiple Sage 100 company codes into one consolidated company. The enhancement allows you to choose up to 20 different companies within Sage 100 and gives you the ability to select which modules you wish to include in the consolidation as well.

The Multi-Company Consolidation enhancement will merge data for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Job Cost and Service Center from multiple source companies into one consolidated company. After the consolidation process, data in the source companies remains fully intact.


This enhancement is particularly useful for reporting purposes. For example, you may have sales orders in multiple companies in your Sage 100 system but wish to run a report showing all orders from all companies. With DSD Business System’s Company Consolidation enhancement, this is very easy to do. Other times, this enhancement is used to create a new live operating company. If you previously operated as separate companies in your Sage 100 system and now want to merge those companies and continue operating as one single company, the Company Consolidation product makes the process of combining all of that data much easier to do.

DSD Business System’s Multi-Company Consolidation enhancement is currently available for Sage 100 versions 4.50 – 2015. To learn more about Multi-Company Consolidation for Sage 100, please visit the product page here or email to schedule a personalized demo.

Nicole Ronchetti

Nicole Ronchetti,
Product specialist at DSD Business Systems

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