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If your organization has over 50 employees shutterstock_128710298 and the company is seeking a new Human Resource solution, you should consider an HRMS solution.  HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System.  HRMS solutions allow businesses to track their most valuable assets, their employees.  Chances are the Accounting Department at your organization most likely uses an Accounting or ERP system.  HRMS solutions interface with most payroll and Accounting or ERP systems with some customization.

From hire to retire, HRMS system are one simple program that will take care of all employee data. This includes employee history, future performance reviews, current pay, certifications, benefits, and anything that relates to keeping your employee up to date.  An HRMS solution will provide you with data needed to make logical decisions regarding promotions and pay rates.  With soon to be needed government reporting requirements, companies will need to track dependence and benefits for their employees.

Below are some basic questions and answers when considering an HMRS solution:

Q: Are HRMS solutions easy to use?
Yes, HRMS solutions are easy to use.  There are easy to use and user-friendly software available to let companies manage employee information more effectively and improve organizational efficiency by automating employee related procedures.

Q: What if I still want to use ADP or Paychex as my Payroll Service Provider?
Great question!  Luckily, there are HRMS solutions that came out with standard import/export templates for these vendors.

Q: Does an HRMS solution stay up to date with Government Regulations and Compliance?
Absolutely!  These solutions ensure government compliance to avoid company risk in meeting federal and state rules, regulations, and reporting requirements.

Q: Can HRMS solutions track FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)?
Yes. There are HRMS solutions that track all types of attendance plans and leaves.  Plus, these solutions provide standard and custom reporting options.

Q: How much do HRMS solutions cost?
An HRMS solution is usually priced based on the number of active employees in the organization and can be purchased as individual modules or in a bundle.

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Written by Adrian LopezAccount Executive at DSD Business Systems

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