Introducing InstaDocs!

Introducing InstaDocs – The Latest Sage 100 ERP Enhancement From DSD Business Systems

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DSD Business Systems is proud to introduce our newest Sage 100 ERP Enhancement, InstaDocs!  Unlike any other product on the market, InstaDocs is a document management solution embedded within Sage 100 ERP.  It allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed directly from within Sage 100 ERP.  Users are now able to have easy access to documents relating to specific records within Sage 100 ERP.

The key benefit to having InstaDocs is the Document Panel, which is embedded into various Sage 100 ERP Maintenance, Inquiry, and Data Entry programs.  As each record is accessed using the Document Panel, the corresponding documents are displayed.  Users have the ability to drag and drop documents, select documents for editing and tag documents with unlimited keywords.

For those working in the field of Accounts Payable, DSD Document Managementit will be very helpful to store invoices into an internal database for easy access with the click of a button.  With paperless office integration, checks, orders, invoices, and statements are automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Vendor or Customer directory.  Users will no longer have to find invoices within stacks of files or folders.

The Master Search Tool allows users to search documents by File Name, Keyword or Document Source.  InstaDocs is designed to interface directly with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage product.  By combining InstaDocs and OneDrive, documents are readily available for easy access and display in the cloud.  When working remotely, users will now have the ability to access any documents within the Sage 100 ERP database.

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If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about InstaDocs, please contact DSD Business Systems at 800.627.9032


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