DSD Software Conference 2013

DSD Business Systems will be hosting its 2013 Software Conference at the beautiful Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines on September 19th.  This user conference has been designed to be of great value to all Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage 500 ERP end-users.


Being a Hero

One of my favorite feelings is the one I get when I’ve been a hero.  I feel that way when I’ve closed a deal or I’ve done something that raises employee satisfaction, or I’ve reduced our costs, or when I’ve done something to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, or when I’ve engaged in a project that lowers our risk of doing business.

That’s what our conference is all about.  It’s your way to be a hero to your company.  You will learn about great new connected cloud services.  You’ll hear about features or tricks in your software that you didn’t know existed.  You’ll hear about simple and cost-effective ways of customizing (“turbocharging”) your system without involving a programmer.

These new insights will help your company increase its profitability or revenues, they will help you create stickier customers and employees, and they will allow you to do more with the same staff, through the use of your Sage ERP system.  In a word, they will help you compete.

Your Special Sauce

Every company has it.  Marketing experts call it your differentiators.  It’s the only reason that customers buy from you, unless your prices are always lowest, and that’s all your customers care about (not a great business model unless you’re Walmart).  Your special sauce not only makes it easier to get new customers, it also helps you make them “sticky”.  Sticky customers are ones who find it very difficult to stop doing business with you.

Your special sauce can’t exist in your off-the-shelf software.  You must take extra measures to build it in.  In our conference we will focus on helping you build your special sauce into your ERP system.


How to Build It In

There are many ways to embed your special sauce into your Sage software, and they each have different cost-to-benefit ratios associated with them.

Sometimes, your special sauce is derived from the reports and dashboards that you give your management team to help them in making mission-critical decisions.  Sometimes, it’s the insight that comes from well-designed trend analyses.  We will hold a session on Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting, which can be the tool you use for creating those important management advisory tools.

Sometimes, your special sauce comes from the sophisticated connected services and third party products that you attach to your Sage ERP system.  Those are products that provide paperless office, document management, automated inventory advice, human resources, automated sales tax, customer relationship management, and fixed asset functionality.  Yes, there will be sessions on all of these great products and services at the conference.

Sometimes, building in your special sauce requires a little more work below the surface.  Sometimes it requires customization that you can easily provide.  We call that “turbocharging” your ERP system, and there will be two great turbocharging sessions (intermediate and advanced) for our Sage 100 end-users.

Beyond ERP

In addition to all the things that you’ll learn that will make you a hero to your company, we’ve been fortunate enough to engage Eric Kaufman to close our conference with his thoughts on “Leadership as a Hero’s Journey”.  His session promises to be extremely compelling.

Aside from all the great information and wisdom that you’ll be exposed to, the conference will also be a great networking opportunity for you, and a chance to be able to talk to others in your region and industry who are using your same ERP or CRM software.  You never can tell how valuable that will be to you down the road.

For those that are attending, I know you will leave enlightened. Our team has worked hard to put together a conference with walk away value. You can be the hero when you return to the office.

And for the rest of you, I look forward to seeing you at our conference next year.

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Written by Doug Deane, President & CEO of DSD Business Systems.

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