Increase Revenue & Streamline Processes: Unlock the Treasure Hiding in Your CRM!

Most companies these days use some form of contact management or customer relationship management software. Unfortunately, many do not use their CRM software to it’s fullest capabilities.

CRM can work wonders for your company

When your sales force has access to quality data they are better equipped to handle the challenges of their market. Most CRMs on the market can be set up to give access to the sales team in the field, enabling sales to stay in the field longer.

Real Time sales visibility

Automated reports can alleviate the need for “field/activity reports” giving management real time access to sales activities.

Sell smarter – React faster

Social media applications can be integrated allowing sales to check the background of their potential customers and for marketing to better view the effectiveness of social media campaigns. CRMs can provide more effective lead management, eliminating the disconnect between sales and marketing.
These are just a few of the ways a properly implemented CRM system can increase revenue while streamlining processes.

Increase ROI

Many companies under utilize the very features which convinced them to buy their CRM product.  One of the biggest reasons this occurs is a lack of understanding of how to use the features and how those features will help save time and increase sales.

Is it time to maximize the CRM investment your company made? Your CRM vendor should have certified consultants available that can provide your company with classes and training. Set aside 2 hours a month for in-house training; this can be done as a “working lunch”. A little bit of companywide training can unlock the enormous powers your CRM holds.

DSD Business Systems has certified CRM experts to help you unlock the treasures hiding in your CRM.

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Written by Mary Greenlee, a Solutions Advisor and CRM expert for DSD Business Systems.

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