Do You Make Your Customers More Money?

Blog by Doug Deane

Peter Drucker is famous for saying that “the purpose of a business is to create a customer”.  But you probably have many competitors, and they are all after that same customer.

So, what incremental value do you provide your customer?  What “special sauce” do you bring to the table that causes your customer to make more money than if they were your competitor’s customer?  If you don’t know then you have not properly defined your value proposition, and you’re probably losing sales as a result.

The most important part of DSD’s Mission Statement says that, “Our team will help you dominate your competition and raise customer satisfaction to the highest level.  We will help you be more profitable, more efficient, more self-reliant, and more consistent in your delivery of goods and services to your own customers.”

Do we do that better than our ERP system competitors?  Yes, we do, and here’s why:

Dominate Your Competition.  Every viable business must now have a formidable Internet presence.  DSD has access to the best available Search Engine Optimation services.  Those services will elevate your page rankings, get you a bigger audience, and cause more people to visit your website.  We can also implement a world-class e-commerce website for you, that will link to your inventory and give your customers and your staff real-time order information.  We can also use sophisticated reporting and analytical tools to help you make better sales, marketing and stocking decisions.

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Raise Customer Satisfaction. That’s why you’re in business, isn’t it?  You want to create a customer and to make them happy.  DSD has a complete set of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you do just that.  SalesLogix, SageCRM and Act! provide a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service and support so your teams can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries and opportunities.  You know that it costs five to ten times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.  Use our CRM products to stay in touch with your most important asset, and to nip problems in the bud before they turn into relationship-ending ones.

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Be More Profitable. Before we sell you anything, DSD will come in to your business and perform a thorough and detailed business needs and process analysis.  This is what Value Added Resellers do; it’s not what Value Subtracted Resellers do.  Value Subtracted Resellers don’t care about your profitability or your business.  They only care about selling software, and they’re willing to do it at the lowest possible price.  Just don’t complain if it doesn’t exactly meet your needs, or doesn’t make you as profitable as you’d like to be.

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Be More Efficient. Efficiency means doing more with less.  It also means higher profits.  Higher efficiency is not low hanging fruit for a battle hardened company like yours.  It only comes with a thorough analysis of all your internal business processes, a review of your staff’s strengths and weaknesses, and the implementation of a system that is exactly matched to your needs.

As a Gold Developer for Sage MAS90/200/500 and Accpac ERP, DSD can help you think outside the box in tailoring your new system to handle all of the special rules, processes and systems that differentiate you from your competitors.  That’s your “special sauce”, and it’s the most important thing in the world to your success.  We’ll honor it, and we’ll make sure that your new system can handle all of those special processes.  We’d prefer to do so without any customization, but if that’s what it takes, we’re there for you.  We’re the best in the business at modifying Sage MAS90/200/500 and Accpac ERP to exactly meet your needs.

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Doug Deane is President of DSD Business Systems, a national provider of on-demand (cloud) and on-premises ERP and CRM software, specializing in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, warehouse management, inventory, business intelligence and eCommerce software.  DSD offers Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90), Sage 300 (formerly Accpac), Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500), NetSuite, Sage FAS, Sage HRMS (formerly Abra), Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix, Extended Solutions, and Custom Programming.

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