What’s New With Sage 100 Version 2017

Outfitted in a refreshed launcher menu, equipped with new ACH payment possibilities, and wielding heightened credit card transaction security, Sage 100 version 2017 is now available to download. Here is what you have to look forward to in the latest …

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Sage Advisor Image small

What is Sage Advisor?

Sage Advisor is a cloud product that will be available to all Sage ERP and CRM customers in the near future, and it is available to many now. The purpose of this exciting new product is: To provide personalized, proactive …

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How Legal Compliance Drives ERP Adoption

Many business factors drive ERP software adoption, not the least of which are the desire to control costs, to make better and more up-to-date information available to decision-makers, and to provide world-class customer service. But a new and important driver has surfaced in the past …

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dsd erp reputation

The Top 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing an ERP Reseller

Part of my job as a front line sales person is to answer questions regarding DSD Business Systems.  I take multiple calls a week from potential customers “interviewing” DSD Business Systems and evaluating us for software and consulting services.  In …

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Sage Summit Great Hall Stained Glass Dome

Postcards from Sage Summit 2013

I just got back from Sage Summit in Washington, D.C. and it was the best ever.  There were, of course, too many interesting tidbits and experiences to include in a brief blog, so I’ll try to give you what I …

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Summit On Stage

Sage Summit – Focus on Best Practices Part 2

Part 2 What we decided it was In Part 1 of this blog, we decided that at Summit, Sage would likely drill down on the best practices that are baked into your software, and the standards and processes that you …

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Sage Summit Best practices

Sage Summit – Focus on Best Practices

Part 1 Sage Summit is coming up shortly.  It’s Sage’s annual partner and customer conference and this year one of the focuses is on Best Practices. Sage Summit 2013, being held in Washington, D.C., will offer a wealth of knowledge …

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Managing Fixed Assets: What Is A Fixed Asset?

One of the largest capital investments many companies have is their investment in their property, plant, and equipment account. So when it comes to managing your company’s fixed assets, you want to be sure you are doing it correctly. Mismanagement …

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For the Best ERP Providers, Success is in Their DNA

If you ask any successful ERP provider, they will tell you that the most important key to their success is their Detailed Needs Analysis (DNA).  Implementing a new ERP system for a company is a lot like removing the wings …

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DSD Business Systems garners media attention with Sage Software Awards

“Performing at this level is a true team effort, and I’m extremely proud of all our staff and all our North American offices,” said Doug Deane, President of DSD Business Systems.

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