Business Alerts & Notification

With SalesLogix KnowledgeSync business alerts, you’ll never miss out on critical business opportunities or be unaware of urgent customer issues. Simply define the business conditions and SalesLogix KnowledgeSync monitors your data pro-actively and automatically sends business alerts when conditions are met. In addition, SalesLogix Support users can add Integrated Service Alerts to notify staff or management of critical customer support issues requiring immediate attention.

Business Alerts – Stay Informed, Always
SalesLogix KnowledgeSync business alerts allow you to actively notify employees, management, business partners, or customers of critical, time-sensitive business issues via e-mail, fax, pager, smart phone, and/or Web browser—automatically. Behind the scenes, SalesLogix KnowledgeSync proactively monitors your database, incoming e-mail, and even other business applications if you require. Once a critical event or condition that may impact business performance or customer satisfaction is identified, SalesLogix KnowledgeSync automatically responds by sending business alerts, distributing reports, updating applications with new information, or other activities you define.
E-mail Response: Take Action—Now
With SalesLogix KnowledgeSync E-mail Response, when a prospect requests information on your company Web site, a contact record is automatically created in the database. Because the request is delivered via e-mail, there is no direct external connection to your database and little security risk. Once the prospect’s data is added (or updated), SalesLogix KnowledgeSync E-mail Response sends a personalized message back to them. Then, a business alert is automatically sent to a sales rep or any other employee(s) you define, notifying them that this prospect has requested information. Activities such as scheduling a meeting or sending a literature kit may also be automatically initiated based on business processes you define.
Integrated Service Alerts: Manage Critical Support Issues 24-7
Keeping customers is as important as gaining new ones. Adding Integrated Service Alerts—a pre-packaged bundle of customer support-related business alerts and e-mail responses designed for SalesLogix Support users—will help your business deliver the high-quality service experience your customers expect. Integrated Service Alerts E-mail Response analyzes customers’ messages, then creates and assigns service or support tickets automatically, eliminating duplicate entry and saving valuable time. Subsequent e-mail messages are matched with open tickets, ensuring the information is received promptly rather than passively sitting in e-mail inboxes.Communication with your customers is also enhanced as they automatically receive messages advising when they can expect to be contacted with a resolution as well as automatic progress reports.

Service Notifications and Escalations, two additional components of Integrated Service Alerts, help your support team work more efficiently by alerting members when a new ticket or defect is assigned, if an issue is not being actively worked, or if a ticket is approaching its resolution deadline. Integrated Service Alerts can also automatically reassign or escalate service tickets based on time-sensitive criteria you set. You can also be notified automatically through a business alert when a customer’s service contract is approaching expiration.


  • Monitor data proactively and automatically receive alerts when business conditions are met.
  • Receive business alerts automatically via e-mail, fax, pager, smart phone, or Web browser.
  • Automatically update SalesLogix Contacts, Accounts, and History with important information.
  • Schedule, generate, and distribute reports automatically, based on data conditions in SalesLogix.
  • Monitor the operating system for events that could adversely affect the usability of SalesLogix.
  • Scan incoming e-mail and automatically take actions based on nature and content.
  • Analyze, auto-respond to, and auto-forward e-mail.
  • Automatically schedule new activities, notify recipients, and record interactions.
  • Auto-create support tickets from customers’ e-mail.
  • Communicate expected response time and progress reports to customers automatically.
  • Capture inbound e-mail requests and update existing tickets.
  • Notify service managers of overdue tickets or escalated issues requiring attention.
  • Leverage automatic business alerts to notify staff of expiring service contracts.
  • Protect the confidentiality of service reps’ private e-mail addresses.

“The prime factors in our decision to implement SalesLogix were out-of-the-box functionality, its user-friendly interface, and the ability to customize to meet our specific requirements. As our needs change, SalesLogix has easily adapted to meet those needs.”

-MIS Administrator
Schleuniger, Inc.