Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions has products to make your transactions run smoother and more securely whether you interact with your customers at a physical location, through a website, over the phone or by mail –whether your business is large and well established or small and brand new. Call us for a free savings analysis to see how we can reduce your costs.

 The Foundation
   Merchant Accounts
   Sage Card Processing
 Check Processing Solutions
   Sage Electronic Check Services
   eGold Check Guarantee
   Sage Collect Direct
 Retail Solutions
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   Sage Gift Cards
   Sage Business Capital
 MO/TO & Internet Solutions
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   Sage Gateway
   Sage Virtual Terminal
   Shopping Carts
Merchant Accounts 
  • A merchant account is needed before you can accept credit cards
  • Unlike other payment processors, Sage Payment Solutions provides merchant account origination as well as payment services. You’ll receive quick merchant account approvals for domestic U.S. businesses
  • We provide you with the best type of merchant account for your business needs
Sage Card Processing
  • Processes all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club®, JCB)
  • Low rates
  • No equipment purchase required
  • Secure 24/7 online reporting
  • POS and wireless from Hypercom®, Verifone®, Lipman and more
  • Competitive prices
  • New and quality refurbished equipment
  • Equipment comes fully integrated with applications
Gift & Loyalty Cards
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Gift cards lead customers to spend more money at your store
  • Loyalty cards provide customers with incentives to visit your business more frequently Sage Business Capital
Sage Business Capital
  • Provides immediate cash for business growth and cash flow needs
  • Fixed or flexible payments
  • No-fee, simple application
Sage Gateway  

This is the vehicle that relays data in the payment process for Sage Payment Solutions systems.

  • Pre-integrated with our Virtual Terminal
  • Companies with large product lines can integrate directly through our API
  • Fast response time and high volume capacity
  • Adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Standards to ensure secure payment processing
Sage Virtual Terminal  
  • Processes credit card payments
  • 24/7 online reporting
  • Easy recurring billing
Shopping Carts
  • Sage Virtual Terminal includes a free shopping cart for basic online stores
  • Many commercial shopping carts are already integrated with the Sage Gateway
  • Click on Shopping Carts for a full list of compatible shopping carts
Sage Electronic Check Services
  • For MO/TO and Internet businesses
  • Processes virtual checks and ACH payments quickly and easily
  • Requires no double entry or back-end check printing
  • Real-time payment processing from any Internet enabled PC
eGold Check Guarantee
  • For retail businesses that process paper checks
  • Eliminates returned checks and bank NSF fees
  • 24/7 online reporting eGold Check Guarantee
Sage Collect Direct
  • For businesses that receive paper checks for payment on a recurring basis, such as apartment managers or utility providers
  • Simplifies and speeds up payment process by converting paper check payments into ACH transactions
  • External lockboxes are no longer necessary
  • NSF notification within 48 hours
Sage Vault
  • Securely stores credit card data without storing encrypted data on your servers
  • Simplifies steps to PCI compliance
  • Incorporates credit card processing within your current business processes