Sage Alerts and Workflow

Sage Alerts and Workflow by Vineyardsoft Corporation, a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

Today’s industry demands require you to keep on top of what’s happening, and often time more importantly what’s not happening, within your organization. Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors and responds to critical business conditions across your entire organization. Overdue invoices, stock shortages, late deliveries, and clients who change their buying habits are all facts-of-life in business. What matters most is how you respond to these events when they occur. Finance, sales, manufacturing, and beyond: Sage Alerts and Workflow automatically identifies events that are key to the success of your business, and responds accordingly.

Sage Alerts and Workflow knows when a new order is placed, generates an invoice and order confirmation, and e-mails it to the client. It also detects potential stock shortages and surpluses, and notifies the correct party via text message, page, or a phone call. Sage Alerts and Workflow also auto-generates crucial forms and documents, such as statements, picking lists, and analytical reports, and delivers them via e-mail, fax, FTP, and Web browser. From spotting price errors and invalid part configurations to monitoring and re-routing electronic submissions, Sage Alerts and Workflow provides you with unique insight into your business activities.

In short, Sage Alerts and Workflow is your invisible assistant, monitoring your business for events and conditions that require your awareness, and intelligent responses. After all, in a world that’s overflowing with business data, it’s often what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Sage Alerts and Workflow Highlights:

  • Experience enterprise-wide solutions featuring award-winning scalability, flexibility, and dependability
  • Trigger personalized alerts about any business conditions via e-mail, fax, pager, cell phone, screen pop, and Web browser
  • Automate the delivery of forms, documents, and reports to clients and staff
  • Execute workflow to deliver invoices and purchase orders, and schedule intelligent follow-ups
  • Monitor and auto-respond to the content of incoming e-mail messages and Web form submissions
  • Dynamically analyze data between multiple business functions (e.g., Accounting & CRM)