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MAS90 Torrance
Contact: Greg Stiles
Office: 310.787.1010

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Our location in Torrance, CA has extensive experience and a strong presence as providers of Sage 100 ERP support and in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  The knowledge and know-how goes beyond Sage software products. DSD assists with IT, Network Security and PC repair in Torrance and surrounding areas. We offer support for Sage 100 ERP, technical support and IT support in Los Angeles and beyond with our remote support services.

Specializing in the Following Sage Software:

Sage 100 Standard ERP (MAS 90)
Sage 100 Advanced/Premium ERP (MAS 200)

Specializing in the Following Business Management Software

Webroot Anti-Spyware Software – Spy Sweeper
Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software
CloudMark Anti-Spam Software
Symantec Backup Exec
Sage 100 ERP Compatible Checks and Forms

Sage 100 ERP Core Modules (formerly MAS 90, MAS 200)

We have overseen the installation of SAge 100 ERP (MAS 90 and MAS 200) for hundreds of clients – both newly established companies and those who have just switched to a new accounting software system. In both cases, we lay the MAS ERP Core Modules, also known as the foundation of the software:

Sage 100 ERP Distribution Modules

Distribution modules for Sage 100 ERP make it easy to automate ordering, place and track shipping. Additionally, you have control over the placement of goods, in order to accurately manage inventory. These distribution modules were designed to automate ordinary tasks and processes, and in turn, cut costs:

Sage 100 ERP Manufacturing Modules

Sage 100 ERP manufacturing software was designed to deliver maximum efficiency during each stage of the process. Manufacturing modules let you create multi-level bills and produce accurate reports with detail to bill structures. When goods are finished, they can be completed to some of the distribution modules for seamless integration. Here is a list of brochures for the mas90 manufacturing modules we supply and support:

Sage e-Business Manager

This is an e-commerce module for Sage 100 ERP, made to automate the e-commerce process while contribute to accurate inventory and order tracking. Ask us about our hosting plan that best suits the e-Business Manager set-up. Click to view the Spec Sheet and e-Business Manager Brochure.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Accounting experts highly recommend Sage Fixed Assets (FAS) as a reliable software product for fixed asset accounting with Sage 100 ERP. There are two options: FAS 100 for stand-alone fixed asset management operation; FAS 500 for companies managing more than 10,000 fixed asstes. Sage FAS is an easy-to-use, yet customizable solution with simple installation for both FAS 100 and FAS 500.   Click here for the FAS 100 Brochure and the FAS 500 Brochure.


Get Business Activity Monitoring as an electronic process. KnowledgeSync makes it easier to be proactive because it automatically notifies when new orders are placed.  Additionally, it creates invoices, order confirmations, AND auto generates confirmation email to the client. View the KnowledgeSync Brochure.


StarShip shipping software integrates with Sage 100 ERP.  Experience faster and easier shipping with this interface as it automatically gathers the “ship to” information from your ERP system. StarShip software cuts shipping costs because it shops for the shipping carrier with the best price.  View the Spec Sheet for StarShip. To contact this office, please call the number listed above or complete the form below to email your request: