The implementation, training and support team at DSD Business Systems has no rival.  Our consultants have an average of 8 years experience with their respective applications.  Additionally, 10% of our consultants’ time is spent in continuing education in both the enterprise accounting software itself and in the supporting technology. We not only fully plan and execute the enterprise solution, but we will provide guidance in related technologies. Learn more about our general consulting services.

In support of the software we sell, we provide both on-site and classroom training. Our approach to implementation is as structured as our approach to systems analyses. Because of this, our clients have experienced a well-managed system conversion. Our planned quarterly follow-up calls ensure that the client is getting a return on its investment, and taking advantage of any new technologies.

Available Courses

Sage 100 Training Class

DSD Business Systems conducts training courses at the DSD Corporate Office location in San Diego, CA. We offer fast-paced but very understandable instruction on all of the major Sage 100 ERP modules. In one or two days you can become an expert in one of several areas. The atmosphere is friendly and casual and the instruction is interesting and informative. Lunch is provided.

Library Master and Security

The Library Master module is the foundation of Sage 100 ERP.  This course will provide training on Security, Utilities (Device Configurator, Auto Update, Fax Form, User Lookup, etc.), Data Repair Utilities and Common Elements (Sales Tax Maintenance, Zip Code Maintenance, etc.)

General Ledger

Students will gain the knowledge of this application, saving time and enhancing productivity. This course covers setup options, journal entries, defining chart of accounts and generating financial statements.

Accounts Payable

Students will learn how to set-up vendors, enter invoices, selecting payment and processing and voiding checks. This course also covers how to make adjustments to Bank Reconciliation.

Accounts Receivable

Students will learn how to setup options, customer maintenance, invoice entry and defining standard items and price levels. The knowledge you gain in this course will help you to decrease your processing time.

Custom Office and Sage 100 Office

Here’s a big boost for your daily productivity…a class that shows you how to create customized user-defined fields, modify screen tab sequences to their specification and create mail merge documents using Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) data.  You will become proficient at integrating Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90) programs with other Office tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Inventory Management

Students will learn how to set-up inventory items, item pricing options, sales kits and perform inventory reconciliation with physical accounts. Inventory also has many beneficial reports, helping to track stock status, turnover and sales history.

Sales Order Processing

Students will learn how to enter sales orders, convert a sales order into an invoice, perform inquiries and track back orders. This course covers daily sales order processing enabling you to access information when you need it for better efficiency.

Purchase Order Processing

Students will learn how to enter purchase orders, receive goods, receive invoices and return goods. Purchase Order also has many reports that help track stock status, turnover and sales history.


In just one day, you’ll learn how to set up your payroll system, including defining payroll parameters, pay rates, entering employees, time card entry and generating payroll checks. By taking advantage of the power and usability in Payroll, you can increase productivity, save processing time and utilize different reporting options.

Crystal Reports  (2-day Course)

DSD recommends completion of core modules prior to attendance.  Learn to create and customize reports using basic formulas to evaluate, calculate and manipulate your Sage 100 ERP to create quality presentations. Tasks include linking tables and sorting, grouping and selecting records.

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