With your active involvement, DSD designs an implementation strategy given your resources and time frame.

That strategy is documented in Microsoft Project, and project status is communicated to upper-management on a monthly basis. Details of the installation are also recorded in our internal knowledge-base for reference by our technical support department. We also have Front Office (CRM), Internet Specialists, Programming, and IS (hardware) specialists to make sure you have an integrated solution that will run on your platform. We provide the total solution so you don’t have to manage the integration of competing interests.

The selection of the right implementation team is just as important as the selection of the software. Today (and tomorrow increasingly) the enterprise accounting software must not only integrate well with the operating system but with other applications and peripheral devices. The most effective consulting firm must not only be fully adept with the enterprise application but the client environment as a whole.

DSD Business Systems is in a unique position to evaluate the current and desired processes of your firm, translate those into system requirements and then offer a custom solution using one of the strongest enterprise applications available on the market. Why unique? Our knowledge-base spans more than 30 design/implementation consultants and programmers, and over 500 installations. Compound that experience with a deep knowledge of the industry’s leading "accounting" software for small to medium-sized businesses, and our commitment to the customer, and you’ll find that DSD is unparalleled in its ability to deliver a solid solution. We use a structured approach to both the analysis of a firm’s requirements and the implementation of the solution. This structure reduces the possibility something or someone was left out of the solution. In addition, the consultants involved with the analysis and selection process are the Project Managers for the implementation process.

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